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04.07.2008 14:28

Soriano: "The Barça is a club buyer"

Anna Segura

Ferran Soriano has defended FC Barcelona's policy of buying and selling players in the transfer market and reaffirmed that the club's main objective was strengthen the sporting side.

During the presentation of the Blaugrana's economic status , the vice president stated that Barça is a "buying club". For that reason, Soriano believes that their aim is to buy players that, unlike other clubs, will help the sports teams only and not with any focus on financial gain. "We buy players because they are good and that is why they will be expensive," he explained. "The best players that can give us something we want to keep If someone believes that Barça should change its idea and opt to sell their best players for high prices, then suggest that in elections."

Deco, a good sale

WEB_04.jpgSoriano believes that Barça received a good price for Deco. "The price that Chelsea paid is the correct value of the player," he continued. "He is 31 and there were no other offers. He was worth €18m and after four years the fact that he is still worth €10m is a success. It is the right price."

The future of Ronaldinho

entreno-efe_09.jpgThe continuity of players such as Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto'o in the Barça first team also came up. The vice president believes that Pep Guardiola's statement, when he said they were not part of the new plans at the club, will not affect their price. "Ronaldinho is a great player for both his talent and his commercial value," Soriano said. "We only sell either of them if we receive an offer that is the right price. If we do not then they will stay. They will not leave."

If they do not indeed end up staying at Camp Nou, then Soriano believes that both of them "will return to their best and give everything".

An effort to put on file more

The strong economic position of the club also means that Barça are in a position to invest in more players, Soriano said. "When we have spent up to now has been fine," he explained. "If the club wants to do something else, then we will do that."
Soriano: “The Barça is a club buyer“

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They felt common and patience to put on file
Ferran Soriano has explained that after making four new signings already for the Barça first team, things will calm down after one further new arrival. "We can take our time and wait for the perfect moment. We want to use common sense when investing in new players," he added.

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