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24.07.2008 23:25

Guardiola delighted with opening performance

Jordi Clos

Barça manager Pep Guardiola was happy with his team’s behaviour and positional sense, including the way the centre backs moved the ball up. As for Messi, he said “FIFA must say something now”.

Pep Guardiola couldn’t have wished for a better start on the Barça bench. Not only did they crush Hibernian 6-0, but the team looked settled in every department. “I am generally happy with everybody’s behaviour” he said. “But as is normal, there are things we can do better. It was a good test, good training. I think we’ll have harder games, that’s for sure, but I’m only worried about my team and that was good for a start.”

Defensive work

Defensive play has been one of the prime concerns of the team since they arrived in Saint Andrews. “As I see it, for attackers to create chances, the midfield has to get them the ball, and they have to have received the ball from the defence. If you get the ball out properly from the back, the plays generate themselves. In Scotland, we have been working on getting the ball forward as something very important … The defence, seeing as this was their first day, interpreted things very well”.

Wanting word from FIFA

He was asked what he thought of the way Leo Messi had played, and answered that “he looked fine to me, he got balls near to the area, and that’s what I want. I am delighted with him, and with everybody else.” As for the Olympic situation, he said “Blatter had better decide because it is Leo who is losing out at the moment. I’m tired of this. I think FIFA should say something now”.

Young players shine

To end, Pep Guardiola said how impressed he had been with the youth team players that are taking part in this preseason trip to Scotland. “If anybody knows them then that’s me. They are helping a lot with little changes. They know that and they’re making the job easier for me. And they bring all the enthusiasm of aiming high”, he said.
Guardiola delighted with opening performance
Piqué had “good feelings”
Gerard Piqué was one of the five new signings who made their debut at Murrayfield. After the game, the defender said “I had good feelings. The team is on the right track, we saw that. And I hope things continue that way”.

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