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17.07.2008 10:48

A change of scenery

Marc Guillén

Barça swapped the Miniestadi for La Masía for this morning’s training session. Once again, the players were all there earlier than they were expected to be.

The first team trained today with the emphasis on fitness. Every one of the available players was at La Masía.

Back to La Masía

QM3D4076.jpgThis was the first time this season that Pep Guardiola has opted to train at La Masia, the most common training venue of recent years. After two days of double sessions at the Miniestadi, he preferred a change of scenery, grass and location. The team hasn’t stopped training this week and with so much hard work to be done, a new pitch is the ideal way of breaking the monotony.

Earlier than expected

Pep Guardiola wants most morning sessions to start at 9:30, and although this was quite early, all of the players were there ahead of time. Ten minutes earlier than scheduled all the players were kitted up and on the pitch as the coaches started getting things ready, an image that looks set to continue in the Pep Guardiola era.
A change of scenery
First training session for Hleb
New signing Alexander Hleb was thus introduced to training at FC Barcelona. After signing his contract and being officially presented, Hleb got straight down to work under his new manager’s orders. The 27 year old was joined by Thierry Henry who he already knows from his Arsenal days.

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