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27.07.2008 10:00

Video to correct and motivate

Marc Guillén

There have been many changes since Josep Guardiola took over and one of these is the creation of a new department that uses video to analyse training sessions and opponents.

The new department of Scouting and Audiovisuals formed by Domènec Torrent and Carles Planchart will be in charge of recording all the first team games and some training sessions to show the players everything they need to correct or improve. This will give the players the motivation to keep developing and correcting their own errors. For a picture is often worth a thousand words.

Wide angle recordings

The Barça staff will record all of the games with their own cameras because they want pictures of the games that show every detail of the pitch, from the defence up to the last striker. To analyse the tactical movements of all of the players, television broadcasts do not offer everything that is needed, as they tend just to close in on the action around the ball using many close up shots.

Training and opposition

QM3D3085.jpgAs well as first team games, the department will also be asked to produce recordings of training sessions and recent games involving the sides Barça are due to play.

Normally, Domènec Torrent and Carles will be getting other people to do this, because at the weekend they will be busy with their scouting duties. But for some games, especially those in the Champions League, they will be travelling to see the games live.

Games dissected to seven minutes

cosas_06.jpgThroughout the week, the department will be repeatedly showing the Barça game and images of forthcoming opponents, highlighting anything that might be of interest, such as errors made by the players or details about the opposition that will need to be dealt with.

The duo will work with Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova to edit the video down to a maximum of seven minutes, picking out the most interesting or illustrative moments for the players.

A popular system

The use of video to analyse one’s own team and opponents is new at Barça, but is already common practice among Italian and English clubs. Meanwhile, in other sports like basketball, video has been used in this way for several years.

For example, this system is especially interesting for explaining tactical concepts to injured players that have missed training sessions, and can also help new arrivals to adapt more easily to a new style of play.
Video to correct and motivate
Ideal for strategy work
As assistant coach Tito Vilanova explained, strategy is going to be one of the major issues of the Pep Guardiola era. The last training session before games will work hard on set pieces and video will be one of the main tools for explaining to the team what they should expect their rivals to do in such situations.

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