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07.07.2008 17:54

Fiorentina and Barça play charity match


The Artemio Franchi Memorial, to be played next 30 July in Florence between Barça and Fiorentina, will be for charity.

Artemio Franchi, one of international football’s top administrators and who tragically died in a traffic accident in 1983, will be remembered in the friendly between Fiorentina and FC Barcelona on 30 July in Florence, just before the Catalans begin their US tour.

The game, set to kick off at 8.45 pm, is designed to promote respect and fair play while all profits will go to the foundations involved in organising the match.

‘Fair play and say no to racism'

The Artemio Franchi Memorial is being organised by ACF Fiorentina with the backing of UEFA. Like FC Barcelona, they want to promote fair play, respect for opponents, and the values of integration, responsibility and solidarity through sport.

fiore_2.jpgThis will be the key feature of the friendly to be played in Florence and the atmosphere inside the ground will also be special. Thanks to cooperation from Fiorentina’s sponsors, there will only be social advertising by UEFA, Barça and the Italian club inside the ground.

Money for the Foundations

Barça will not receive any fee for taking part in the friendly, and all profits from the match will go to the Artemio Franchi Foundation, the Fiorentina Onlus Foundation and the FC Barcelona Foundation.

Fiorentina Onlus Foundation

The Fiorentina Onlus Foundation is one of the match organisers and has been set up today, Monday, when the friendly was officially launched in Florence. The Foundation is committed to actively helping and supporting people in need, and its mission is to foster fundamental human rights with special protection for children, the disabled and the most disadvantaged. The Fiorentina Onlus Foundation also seeks to spread a positive sports culture.

More information about FC Barcelona’s 2008/09 preseason .
Fiorentina and Barça play charity match
Tickets on sale
Tickets for this charity match between ACF Fiorentina and FC Barcelona are now on sale at prices ranging from €10 to €90.

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