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24.07.2008 12:37

Puyol ready to suffer and enjoy later

Marc Guillén (enviat especial)

Carles Puyol is keen to start the preseason and thrilled at the prospect of a season in which he knows that hard work will lead to the right results.

Speaking for the first time in Scotland, captain Carles Puyol is looking forward to the new season. Puyol, who along with Xavi and Iniesta joined the Thursday training session, is ready to get his batteries charged. “We haven’t had much holiday” he said. “But we are excited to be back and full of enthusiasm. We have all been congratulated on winning the European Championship, but now’s the time to get our form back and help the team. We have to suffer during the preseason if want to be successful later on”.

Good signings

Puyol is pleased with the new signings the club has made. “I think we have signed quality players that have done a lot in their respective teams, I hope they can do just as well or better for Barça”.

sessio240708_x5x.jpgAs for Guardiola, Puyol considers it the beginning of a new era. “Whenever a new coach comes it’s the start of a new period. Guardiola has to study and get to know the players and we all have to assimilate his ideas. We players have to win our place in the first team”, said Puyol.

Messi a key player

The captain didn’t want to delve too deep into the issue of Messi and the Beijing Olympics, saying “we have a great squad, but Messi is a very important player for us, one of the best in the world. The thing is, his situation is something we can’t comment on, it is something we can’t control. I hope a solution is found and that he can play with us”.
Puyol ready to suffer and enjoy later

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Word of praise
Puyol also spoke about Eto'o and Ronaldinho. He had words of praise for the Brazilian, saying “he changed the club’s situation. He gave us a lot and is one of the best players in this club’s history”. As for the Cameroonian, Puyol considers him “one more member of the squad and we’ll have to wait and see what happens. He is a great colleague and there are no problems there”.

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