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15.07.2008 12:35

“We have to concentrate on an exciting project”

Marc Guillén

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés is motivated and enthusiastic about playing under Guardiola, a manager he says “is worth a lot and is very clear about what he has to do”.

Víctor Valdés is confident that things will go well this season and that the staff are capable of doing a good job.

“It is a very big honour to have Guardiola as a coach”

QM3D3220.jpgThe keeper is convinced of Guardiola’s capabilities. “It is a very big honour to have Guardiola as a coach. In public and in private he has made it very clear what he wants and what he is here for. I already know how much he is worth as a coach and if you look him in the face, you see that he has a lot of titles behind him”.

Valdes said “Pep has wanted to get the squad enthusiastic and one of the ways he does that is by confiding in his players and speaking to us”.

An odd preseason

Víctor Valdés said the preseason is “atypical. There is a very new coaching staff and we have to get to know them. And we have to get fit very quickly because we have two very important games ahead of us, the Champions League preliminaries.”

He said comparisons should not be made with last season because there have been so many changes both in the coaching and playing staff. He also said that it was important that the players’ minds are kept strictly tuned on football matters only, because it is always better to train and play in a relaxed atmosphere and for people to show that they feel confident of their team.
“We have to concentrate on an exciting project”

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Fond memories of Ronaldinho
Víctor Valdés was asked what he felt about Ronaldinho’s possible departure from FC Barcelona and said that like any other player that has defended the Barça colours, “any team mate is like a brother to me. So I hope people take away the very best memories of him, because he has defended our colours with pride. I suffer when I see a player leave and not get the recognition that he deserves”.

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