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12.07.2008 16:36

Double sessions in the Miniestadi

Marc Guillén

Morning and evening sessions in the Miniestadi will be the routine for the first week of pre-season training. Barça B’s Miniestadi will become a regular venue for first team training this season.

After passing their medicals on Monday, the players will start their physical tests on Tuesday morning at 9:30, and they’ll spend the rest of the week doing these double sessions in the Miniestadi.

Guardiola likes working there

entrenament040907_x8x.jpgAlter spending all last season working there as Barça B coach, new FC Barcelona first team coach Pep Guardiola doesn’t want to leave the Miniestadi, Nou Camp’s annexe. He’ll be using it as a regular venue for first team training this season.

Morning and evening sessions

Pep Guardiola is going to make his players sweat, as they’ll be doing two sessions a day for the first week of pre-season training, one at 9:30 and the other at 18:30. After the summer break, it’s essential that the players recover full fitness for the coming season, so that’s why they’ll be put through the ropes.

Double sessions in the Miniestadi
Iniesta ready to start
During the Nike Football Campus in Andorra, Iniesta has told the press that he’s ready to start kicking the ball around again. He said he hoped the boardroom changes wouldn’t affect the players and that once the preseason training starts, he expects the players to pull together. He added that he realised it would be a difficult season after two years without winning any silverware, but he is looking forward to working under Guardiola.

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