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"The ongoing challenge is to maintain the excellence "

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31.08.2011 14:48

Zubizarreta: "The ongoing challenge is to maintain the excellence"

Jord Clos

Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sporting Director Andoni Zubizarreta explained the actions carried out in the sporting area during the summer, and the goals for the future.

A few hours before the end of the summer transfer market, there was time to take stock of events during the preseason. With this in mind, the Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu, and Sporting Director Andoni Zubizarreta appeared at a press conference. Bartomeu explained that: "We tried to deliver everything the coaching team asked for, but always from an austere standpoint, and defending the interests of the Club".

Together they reviewed market movements, performances on the field in the first months of new season, and changes in the technical organization. "The ongoing challenge is to maintain the excellence in every training session, and every game" Zubizarreta said.

Having said this, Zubi, happy with the winning of the two Super Cups, didn’t want to make the winning of more trophies an obligation: "The goal is to compete at the highest level every day, to be able to compete at our best in every game, and every competition. This is a game where the unexpected can happen, a last minute goal can change everything".

Office movements

2011-08-31_RP_JOSEP_MARIA_BARTOMEU_ANDONI_ZUBIZARRETA_017.jpgIn terms of players leaving and joining, Barša announced the move of Alexander Hleb to Wolfsburg, on a loan basis, "at a cost depending on matches played". On the other hand, Zubizarreta explained the status on the renewal of Abidal’s contract. According to him, "we must show him a lot of respect and he must find time to resume discussions". Regarding the continuity of reserve full-back, Martin Montoya, he said: "We will close the deal, of that I’m sure."

The ex Dream Team keeper also discussed the record of matches played for Barša, that from last Monday he shares with Victor Valdes. "He’s one of the best goalkeepers, and rightfully takes his place in football history. His numbers are the result of his conviction, since childhood, that one day he would be Barša’s goalkeeper. We have insurance in goal" he said.

Finally, asked about the renewal, year by year, of manager Pep Guardiola, Bartomeu replied: "We try to do everything possible to improve the club. The important thing is that we give him the best working tools to do his job, which is spectacular, fantastic. If we do this, then when the day comes to discuss contract renewal, it’ll be difficult for him to say no. He’s the most vital piece in the success of Barša in recent years".

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