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Training moved to Cowboys Stadium

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05.08.2011 10:14

Training moved to Cowboys Stadium

David Saura (special correspondent)

Barça’s second training session in Dallas will be at the Cowboys Stadium and not the Pizza Hut as planned. The training session (open to anybody who has an invitation) has been moved due to the extreme heat at 20:00h

Match tickets
Although tickets are selling well, there are still some available for Saturday’s game against America, which can be purchased from or the Cowboys Stadium ticket offices.
It is so hot in Dallas at the moment that any kind of physical exercise is hard work, especially sport. Given this situation, the coaching staff have decided that the second training session will be held in the Dallas Cowboys’ spectacular stadium in Arlington. It is an ultra modern facility with an indoor cooling system that means the outdoor temperatures, which rarely drop below 40 degrees, are not felt.

Entrance with invitation

Friday’s training session will be at 20.00 and open to anybody who has an invitation, either through the club, sponsors or the organisers of the World Football Challenge 2011. So, unless you have an invitation, you will not be able to watch Barça train at the same venue that will be used for the match.

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