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May 2011
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Tuesday31 16:50 Cáceres to stay at Sevilla
14:30 2010/11 season: Did you know…
13:41 Abidal, 150 games
12:32 Barça - masters of the double
12:30 The first pre-season game in Split
11:26 Five homegrown triple Champions of Europe
Monday30 18:01 Puyol to undergo op on Wednesday
13:09 Photo session with the three trophies gallery
11:10 Champions League 2010/11: Did you know...?
Sunday29 21:30 Unanimous thanks to the fans
21:25 Fans go wild at the Camp Nou gallery
14:52 The World’s press crown Barça
Saturday28 23:59 Guardiola happy with the way his team won
23:58 Abidal lifts the 4th trophy
23:57 Puyol: "Now it’s time to enjoy it"
23:09 Another Wembley success for Guardiola
Friday27 21:21 “We have to show our football to the world”
21:15 First contact with Wembley turf gallery
20:35 Puyol and Valdés loyal to tradition
18:35 Ferguson: “This could be the best final of the decade” gallery
18:25 Ferdinand and Vidic on value of experience
11:57 FCB v Manchester Utd. Did you know…
11:24 Parallel lives in the Champions League
Thursday26 18:59 Bartomeu: “We’re coming to win!”
18:20 Piqué, Iniesta and Messi in Team
18:20 Players check in to new hotel
12:57 Training in the rain gallery
10:07 Venables: “Barcça play five star football”
Wednesday25 19:59 First training session in England gallery
17:55 Zubizarreta: “We need our fans”
12:55 Players reckon Wembley will be different from Rome
00:08 Team arrive in London gallery
Tuesday24 14:10 Ferguson: "Concentration will be the key"
13:15 Rooney and Chicharito main concerns
Monday23 20:30 First session to focus on Wembley gallery
19:46 “It’s desire that makes you European Champions”
19:05 Messi: “it’ll be a different final from Rome”
12:40 Top scorers vs top defence
15:22 Barça’s English Soul
10:54 Half the squad set to debut at Wembley
Sunday22 18:56 Spanish League Round Up Week 38
17:42 Guardiola vs. Ferguson: success meets success
12:30 Wembley Memories (V): Stoichkov
Saturday21 21:15 Guardiola: “96 points is outrageous”
21:01 Bojan: “it was a game to enjoy”
20:55 Zamora award for Valdes again
16:45 Spanish League Preview, Week 38
13:35 Wembley Memories(IV): Eusebio
Friday20 14:40 “We could be another 20 years without a final”
13:21 Eight players to miss Malaga trip gallery
13:18 Marc Márquez: “I have the Barça colours inside me”
12:03 Memories of Wembley (III): Ronald Koeman
10:27 “People shouldn’t expect me to score in the final”
Thursday19 13:37 Wembley shirt presented
12:40 Puyol trains for a while with squad gallery
12:28 Wembley Memories (II): Albert Ferrer video
12:06 3-3 going into the final
Wednesday18 20:23 Adriano given the all-clear as the team returns to training
13:30 Wembley memories (I): Julio Salinas
Tuesday17 13:44 Camp Nou the base for the 3 leagues gallery
13:00 Valdés on verge of fourth Zamora
Monday16 14:06 Calm Abidal keen to integrate
12:16 Sergio Busquets can play in final
11:36 Only European team to retain title
10:20 Keita plays most games
Sunday15 23:58 Guardiola: “We gave them nothing”
23:52 Champions pick up league trophy gallery
12:18 Spanish League Preview, Week 37
Saturday14 14:09 Guardiola focus fixed on final
12:11 Back to work after the party gallery
Friday13 23:08 Camp Nou salutes the Champs! video
23:05 “This team is a great family”
12:29 The parade, live on
11:33 Guardiola, King of League Titles
Thursday12 18:45 Home grown league winners
18:10 Allegations against proposed suspension of Busquets
13:47 Champions back training gallery
13:29 The world hails three-time champions gallery
Wednesday11 23:26 Guardiola: “Now it’s time to party!”
23:00 Captain Puyol: “It is a very important title”
22:07 Third league in a row for Guardiola gallery
21:58 21 moments of the 21st league
21:55 Xavi wins sixth league title
21:53 From Villa’s first to Maxwell’s seventh
21:52 Record breaking league season
12:35 Six Leagues away from Camp Nou
10:36 Gio: “We were very happy at Levante”
Tuesday10 23:50 Champions!
18:17 Spanish League Preview, Week 36
13:53 Guardiola: “We have to win this point”
12:45 Whole squad travels to Levante gallery
Monday09 13:57 Valdés values league title highly
12:19 Bojan and Maxwell declared fit gallery
11:21 Spanish League Round Up Week 36
11:00 Fifteenth consecutive home win
Sunday08 22:47 Sergio Busquets: “We are a winning team”
22:23 “For the first time, it’s in our own hands”
10:59 Barça-Porto Alegre in Audi Cup semis
Saturday07 14:29 Good atmosphere between the two managers gallery
14:28 Guardiola: “we’ll not be saving ourselves”
12:30 Spanish League Preview Week 35
12:00 22 players train ahead of Espanyol game gallery
Friday06 17:11 Barça will wear the first team strip at Wembley
16:35 Appeal against Pinto’s suspension
13:56 "We want the league title as soon as possible"
12:06 Bojan trained with the group gallery
11:44 A derby that decided the League title
Thursday05 17:45 Archibald: "United are not as strong this year"
13:37 Record appearances as European finalists
13:23 Manchester United squad depth
12:03 Barça and United: 11th European game
11:53 Puyol makes 100th Champions League appearance
Wednesday04 13:07 International press heaps praise on Barça gallery
12:52 When the ball gives its verdict
11:00 Barça shoot four times more
Tuesday03 23:55 Glorious moment for Abidal
23:52 Mascherano: "We are fair finalists"
22:39 We’re going back to Wembley!
22:35 Football takes Barça to Wembley gallery
11:16 Spanish League Round Up Week 34
Monday02 22:02 Guardiola: “attack, but with common sense”
20:42 Abidal and Iniesta back in the squad gallery
19:35 Xavi: “we won’t come out to defend”
13:14 Barça to play in Audi Cup
12:39 Other semis at the Nou Camp
12:18 FCB-Madrid (Champions). Did you know…
Sunday01 17:09 Biggest week of the season
13:14 Milito out for a month
11:00 Record number of away goals

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