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March 2011
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Thursday31 14:13 Pinto: “Messi is feeling good”
13:26 How can you replace Xavi?
12:47 Double clash between Villarreal and Barça on Saturday
12:16 Messi: No muscle injury
12:10 Bojan back with squad gallery
Wednesday30 19:17 Return of the first international players gallery
18:36 Alves: "We’re expecting an exciting April"
13:58 A game every three days
13:32 "I'm very satisfied because I feel valued" gallery
Tuesday29 15:00 MLS announce Barça-Manchester Utd game
14:08 Fontàs ready and confident
13:16 Bojan has sprained ankle
12:00 Just two players in training gallery
Monday28 19:38 Agreement with Pinto
17:27 A guarantee on and off the pitch gallery
Sunday27 12:30 UCL last eight appearances
Saturday26 18:18 Valdés stops 8 out of 10 shots
13:40 Bojan, Vilarreal déjà-vu
13:00 Barça internationals shine
10:58 Keita: "This squad is unusually humble" gallery
Friday25 13:10 Alves keen for more titles
12:09 Physical session to end the week
Thursday24 15:40 Abidal back home
14:31 Barça look to the future
12:01 Back to work with Adriano gallery
11:20 Messi stats keep getting better
Wednesday23 20:07 Alves signs gallery
Tuesday22 18:21 Alves to stay until 2015
16:32 A priceless full back gallery
12:05 Now unbeaten in 27 league matches
11:46 Training with the reserves gallery
Monday21 13:01 Spanish League Round Up Week 29
12:12 International call ups for 12 Barça players
11:54 Just six squad players in training gallery
11:51 Messi has 17 league assists
Sunday20 13:25 Bojan: "I need games like Getafe"
12:31 "We love you, Abi "
12:03 Xavi will miss the Villarreal match
Saturday19 23:08 Guardiola: “We responded well”
22:10 Goalscorer Bojan becomes youngest player to reach 100
11:10 Spanish League Preview Week 29
Friday18 15:07 Guardiola: “A lot has happened this week”
13:48 Zubizarreta: “Shakhtar is a tough team”
13:45 Talented dark horses gallery
12:21 CL quarter final against Shakhtar Donetsk
11:45 Messi in the penultimate session gallery
Thursday17 20:53 Abidal operation
18:33 “Any team we play in the quarter finals will be tough"
12:39 Fontàs joins first team squad
11:57 Alves and Adriano join group in training gallery
11:38 Quarter Final rivals decided
Wednesday16 14:22 Global support for Éric Abidal
14:12 Xavi: "Abidal is an example to us all”
12:05 "Being in the Champions League gives us strength for season"
12:03 Session with a lot missing gallery
11:38 75 goals in the league from open play
Tuesday15 21:49 Abidal to be operated on this Thursday
16:50 Ten league games to go
13:17 The motivation of a safe pair of hands
Monday14 19:18 Piqué: “We win because we’re better”
13:58 Barça match unbeaten La Liga run
13:21 Injury list grows after Seville game
13:00 Bojan back on target three months later
12:28 Facts and Figures from Seville
Sunday13 23:46 Pep laments poor returns
Saturday12 14:15 “There’s a small league before the Bernabéu”
12:40 19 picked for Sevilla gallery
11:24 Spanish League Preview Week 28
Friday11 16:59 Positive record against Manzano
13:29 “It is one of the hardest away trips”
12:05 Only Puyol missing gallery
Thursday10 12:02 Messi’s greatest? gallery
11:23 “Barça lend a great dignity to our game”
10:51 900 international goals mark passed
Wednesday09 14:10 Team keep making history
13:36 Barça astound the world once again gallery
12:26 Iniesta: "We are where we wanted to be"
12:16 The Barça avalanche in stats
Tuesday08 23:58 “We absolutely dominated the game”
23:52 Alves: “The team that deserved it qualified”
22:56 Once again in the last eight
13:13 Maximum concentration before Arsenal
12:22 100,000 euros for the Red Cross
11:00 FCB-Arsenal: Did you know that...
Monday07 20:01 Wenger: "We want to keep winning"
19:54 Cesc confirms he’s fit to play
19:18 "The fans will carry us into the quarter finals"
19:13 Guardiola leads training ahead of Arsenal game gallery
18:35 Busquets: "We have to stay calm"
12:43 Guardiola discharged from hospital
Sunday06 18:24 Plenty of safe options at the back
15:02 Guardiola to stay in hospital
14:34 Puyol out for Tuesday’s game
13:05 Keita: “I always have confidence”
Saturday05 23:30 “Never easy against a packed defence”
23:26 Milito: “Not as comfortable as we’d have liked”
18:49 Arsenal draw before Barça (0–0)
16:51 Spanish League Preview Week 27
Friday04 20:44 “Before facing Arsenal, the best thing would be to beat Zar
19:06 Valdés back in training gallery
16:20 Cruyff and Rijkaard also missed games
16:27 Guardiola improving
11:17 Spanish League Round Up Week 26
10:39 Keita has fond memories of Zaragoza
Thursday03 16:26 Valdés: "Barça’s fans have made me stronger" gallery
14:23 Piqué: "We are in a very good position"
13:53 Puyol joins the group gallery
13:03 Stats from another win for the record books
11:17 Josep Guardiola has a herniated disc
10:41 1,400 happy times in the League
Wednesday02 23:58 Villa: “The day had a happy ending”
23:57 Yet more records broken
11:53 Spanish League Preview Week 26
10:49 Valencia v FCB. Did you know…
Tuesday01 17:15 Van Persie out for Camp Nou match
13:51 Vilanova: “We have always found Valencia tough”
12:40 Xavi and Alves back in squad gallery
11:49 Guardiola suffers back pain
January 1970
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Spanish League Round Up Week 28
Spanish League Preview Week 27

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