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January 2008
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Thursday31 23:59 Rijkaard: "We deserved to win"
23:58 Ronaldinho returns with a win
23:58 Messi: "I always just try to help the team"
18:05 France call-up for Barça trio
13:04 Eto’o and Touré shine in group stage
Wednesday30 21:39 "We’re ready to play a great match” video
20:39 Márquez and Ronaldinho in Cup contention
14:30 Constant progression
13:58 Laporta: "We need the fans behind us" video
13:12 Deco is the first to be named
Tuesday29 19:22 Second training session in one day
14:42 Puyol: “We have to kill games off” video
12:41 Ronaldinho joins team for training video
Monday28 18:57 Ronaldinho fit again
18:50 First team wins (4-1) video
16:02 Rijkaard: “We’re not giving up on anything” video
13:41 Deco: 150 games for Barça
12:41 Must do even better
12:33 Training plan for the week
Sunday27 21:47 “We have to put every effort into all three competitions"
21:41 “It is a shame but we haven’t given up yet”
11:07 Results not coming at the Cathedral
Saturday26 14:40 Rijkaard wants more goals video
14:28 Iniesta: “Barça have given me everything”
12:34 Abidal in, Márquez out video
11:10 Highlights of a great career
Friday25 17:28 Iniesta renews contract until 2014 video
16:09 “The goalless draw gives us plenty of options” video
15:23 Back home to training video
Thursday24 23:59 Everything but the goal
23:59 “We’ve got to finish the job at the Nou Camp”
13:50 Ronaldinho back next week
12:28 Light pre-match training video
Wednesday23 14:56 Rijkaard: "We know what to expect" video
13:18 Edmílson in, Abidal out video
Tuesday22 18:05 Henry’s goals, a good sign
15:01 “We have to keep the return leg in mind” video
14:07 Rijkaard overtakes Michels
11:31 Getting ready for the cup video
Monday21 14:16 “The defensive line is very effective” video
12:53 Edmílson joins the group video
12:02 “All the objectives are achievable” video
Sunday20 23:59 Rijkaard: “A hard worked 1-0”
23:59 “We don’t want to keep looking at Madrid”
23:27 Messi back after 36-day layoff
11:37 African Cup of Nations kicks off
Saturday19 14:31 “We feel confident" video
12:50 Three key additions to the squad for Racing game video
12:47 Leo Messi: Chronicle of an injury
Friday18 19:15 Pinto: "I am a hard worker" video
14:30 "The defence is stronger this year"
12:54 Abidal named in team of the year
12:30 Puyol misses training with fever
10:55 Unzué endorses choice of Pinto video
Thursday17 23:42 Pinto arrives in Barcelona
19:32 Basic terms settled for Pinto loan
19:30 An experienced background
14:22 “The second leg at home makes it easier for us” video
12:03 Oleguer fit; Ezquerro groin strain
12:02 Tough return to work video
Wednesday16 22:51 Villarreal, next up in the Cup
13:43 Defensive strength was key
Tuesday15 23:59 Xavi: “The team does its job"
23:59 Rijkaard pleased with defensive effort
Monday14 22:21 Sevilla match the most important video
20:05 Deco back in the squad
11:40 Valdés birthday and Zamora
10:24 First half stats give hope
Sunday13 14:25 Zambrotta: “We’ve got our mentality back” video
11:31 Already preparing for the next game video
Saturday12 23:26 Bojan: “We needed a win like this”
23:15 “We have shown what our squad can do”
11:06 Murcia looking to keep surprising
Friday11 16:01 Rijkaard: “It is time to believe in the team” video
14:31 Marc Crosas, loaned to Lyon
13:00 Ezquerro and Sylvinho picked to face Murcia video
Thursday10 19:11 Márquez and Milito, strong in the middle
14:40 “Our performance was more practical than attractive” video
14:10 Edmílson injury blow
13:54 Focus returns to the league video
Wednesday09 23:59 Rijkaard: “A draw is a good result”
23:58 Caution ahead of return leg
Tuesday08 14:35 Keen to put Sevilla out video
12:29 Deco and Ronaldinho to miss Sevilla video
Monday07 14:33 Márquez: “Sevilla are back to what they were” video
14:30 Sevilla kick-off at 10 pm
11:18 Oleguer back with the squad
10:56 History on Barça’s side
Sunday06 12:55 Touré joins up with the Ivory Coast
12:17 Henry and Edmílson back in the fold video
Saturday05 23:14 Rijkaard: “The team has reacted”
23:08 Team pleased with three points
10:25 Mallorca boosted by cup progress
Friday04 19:15 Four out of four for Rijkaard
14:18 "Every game must be like a final" video
12:35 Oier and Edmílson in the squad video
12:05 Sevilla play Barça in the cup
11:09 Iniesta returns to debut arena
Thursday03 19:22 Ronaldinho: out for Mallorca game
18:21 Operation confirms Jorquera will be out for 6 months video
14:01 Eto’o: results over style video
12:44 2.300 people enjoy watching the first team
12:13 Recovery session
Wednesday02 21:17 Oier: "I had goosebumps"
21:13 "We have relaxed too much"
10:56 Rested players report for training video
Tuesday01 21:07 Rijkaard optimistic for 2008 video
20:17 Edmílson back in squad after 7 months

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