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Legal Terms


FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA (hereinafter FCB) offers its members, fans and supporters, as well as any internet user with an interest in FCB free access to the general information that appears in the website.

Internet users that access the FCB website voluntarily accept and agree to respect the terms of use of the content of said website, and for such purposes accept the general conditions for access and use that are indicated hereafter. For this reason, users are fully responsible for their behaviour both while they are accessing the information contained in the website, and after they have accessed it, and are solely responsible, to FCB or third parties, for any consequences that may be derived from improper use of the contents, or for any information that was not produced by FCB or not officially published in its name. Particularly, FCB refuses to accept any responsibility in relation to any information contained in websites belonging to third parties that are connected, authorized or not, via links to the pages of the FCB website.

FCB reserves the right to refuse access to its website to users that make improper use of its content and/or fail to comply with any of the conditions that appear in this document and which are accepted by its users, as well as the right to update, eliminate, limit or refuse access to, either temporarily or permanently, certain contents in cases of any improper use.

The welcome page contains a cookie which enables our system to remember the language selected by the user when first visiting the site. This avoids the need to select the language again the next time the site is visited. This cookie is not harmful, and its only purpose is to inform the system of the language selected by the user on previous visits. Users, if they wish, can reject any cookies by means of the corresponding menu on their browser. The cookie’s language can be changed simply by eliminating it and choosing the desired language when returning to our website.


The user agrees not to reproduce in any way, not even through hyperlinks, the FCB website or any of its contents, unless given the express, written and granted authority to do so by a member of the FCB staff with sufficient faculties to do so.


The user must access the website, and any of the information, contents and services offered within, in full accordance with current and applicable law in relation to the matter and good faith. The user agrees to comply with the above and not to perform any forbidden acts with respect to the contents of the website, and similarly agrees not to use any of the contents, photographs, information, etc, that appear in the website for any forbidden and/or illicit purposes or that might in any shape, manner or form be damaging to the image of FCB or the actual functioning of the website and the services it offers.

Similarly, the user agrees to supply truthful information when completing the FCB inscription and/or registration form. On the understanding that the user is the only person responsible for the same, all codes and passwords will be kept secret.


Among its content, the FCB website includes links to other websites belonging to third parties in order to provide the user with access to exchangeable information via the internet. However, FCB accepts no responsibility for the existence of links between third party websites and other websites that are not related to FCB. The links provided by the FCB website are provided for the purpose of providing information to users of the FCB website, but under no circumstances do they imply that FCB is the guarantor of and/or the party offering the services and/or information that is offered by third parties via these links.


Both with respect to the design of the website and to all of its contents, applicable law will govern all issues concerning national and international intellectual and industrial copyright. For this reason, the total or partial exploitation of the contents (text, logo, images, designs, etc) that appear in the FCB website is strictly forbidden, as is any copying, reproduction, adaptation, modification, public communication and/or any other action that involves the use of the contents of the website unless FCB has authorized such usage, which is all cases must be expressed, in writing, and granted by a person with sufficient faculties to do so.


In no case is FCB responsible for any of the types of circumstances listed hereafter, which serve as examples for illustrative purposes only, or for any damages that may de derived from the same, against which it cannot and is not obliged to provide a guarantee: a) Possible security errors that may be produced as a result of using virus infected computers; b) the use by third parties of elements belonging to FCB that lead to confusion of identity; c) breach of industrial and intellectual copyright by third parties; d) defects in the services or errors in the contents of the FCB website; e) incompliance by third parties that may affect the users of the FCB website; f) the website or any of its services not working properly; g) consequences derived from a malfunctioning browser or the use of outdated versions of the same.


Current conditions are in accordance with the applicable Catalan, Spanish and International legislation.

For any issues that might arise in relation to the services and contents of the FCB website (, or in relation to the interpretation and/or execution of these terms and conditions, FCB and the user will be subjected to the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona, and expressly renounce any other authority to which they might correspond.


In accordance with Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, in relation to the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, data concerning the users that access the, given their consent, will be included in an automated file that is the responsibility of FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA, whose domicile is Avinguda Arístides Maillol s/n (08028) Barcelona.

Users can voluntarily decide whether or not to provide their consent for the data that they supply of their own free will to be included in the file that is the responsibility of FC BARCELONA, which is used to keep users informed, to offer them products and/or services both of FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA itself and of other organizations that collaborate with the Club that, through agreement, may have some special offer that could be of interest to the members, supporters and internet users that have supplied their details. The user is also willing for FC BARCELONA to be able to provide his or her personal details to third party collaborators in order for these to be able to make offers and/or send communications to users for commercial or promotional purposes in relation to products or services that could be of interest to them.

If the user is not willing for his or her details to be included in any files and later used for informative and commercial purposes, he or she simply has to check the box denying authority to include said data in any files. Should any user provide this authority but later decide to revoke that authority or make any modifications to the data supplied, he or she must send an e-mail to, or write to the address of the party responsible for the file indicated above. The user reserves the recognized right to access, cancel, rectify or oppose any of their details, and reserves the right to be told how many times these details have been supplied to others, if at all.

FC BARCELONA possesses the technical knowledge and means required for the processing of computer databases and the provision of certain services and possesses and employs the security measures required for proper data protection and security in accordance with the regulations established by Spanish Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature.

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