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August 2008
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Sunday31 21:44 No luck in Los Parajitos
21:27 Guardiola: "We have played badly"
12:27 Vilanova: "We have to control the rhythm of the game"
Saturday30 13:43 Guardiola: “We have to win and convince” video
11:51 Messi added to the squad
Friday29 16:35 Touré knows all about Shakhtar video
13:26 Bojan: "The squad is very ambitious" video
12:21 Photo call gallery
11:48 15 out of 21 available, selected
Thursday28 20:34 Champions League opposition
20:00 "It could have been more complicated" video
18:31 Sporting Lisbon, Basel and Shakhtar, the rivals
12:25 ‘La liga’ managers
11:17 Happy birthday Bojan! gallery
Wednesday27 19:07 Messi rejoins his team-mates gallery
18:32 "I have a lot of confidence in this squad" video
12:48 The start of a new season
12:22 In to the draw
Tuesday26 23:21 Touré: “We have to work on efficiency”
23:19 Guardiola: “Objective achieved”
11:50 Stroll along the Wisla
11:47 Messi back to work gallery
11:10 Wisla v Barça: Did you know?
Monday25 20:18 First training session in Krakow gallery
19:40 Guardiola “We have to be prudent” video
19:40 Eto’o: “I wouldn’t change my situation at Barça” video
13:05 The first team is already in Krakow
Sunday24 20:51 Txiki: “We want to be winners again”
13:36 Hleb: “I need time to adapt” video
12:35 20 players for Krakow
12:32 Messi now in Barcelona with gold medal
11:06 Preparations continue in the Nou Camp gallery
Saturday23 19:03 Physical training session in the Mini gallery
13:12 Fourth Olympic Champion
13:00 Gudjohnsen: “Guardiola believes in me” video
08:12 Gold medal for Messi (1-0)
Friday22 13:14 Numancia v FCB, Sunday 31 at 19.00
12:45 Puyol and Messi, among the best players in CL
12:24 Three sessions before travelling to Krakow
11:20 Valdés: “Guardiola has not surprised me” gallery
Thursday21 19:51 Touré Yaya: “We can’t fail this year” video
19:01 Afternoon of reunions at La Masía gallery
11:30 Goals for everyone
09:00 F.I.F.A. looks back at Barça’s history
Wednesday20 22:27 Positive night for Barça’s international players
14:10 “Good news for a good start” video
13:09 “We’re strong to begin the league” video
13:05 Fitness tests in training video
Tuesday19 16:54 Messi reaches final (3-0)
13:57 “I feel a responsibility to help the squad” video
11:05 Danger in the air
10:45 Training resumes with reduced squad gallery
Monday18 16:50 Wisla-Barça, Tuesday at 8.45p.m.
13:20 Training starts again on Tuesday
11:54 “I feel I am part of this team” gallery
Sunday17 14:24 Week of internationals
Saturday16 23:59 Guardiola highlights the attitude of his players
23:52 Attitude of the team vital
23:14 First team presentation gallery
Friday15 13:24 "The Gamper is a festival of Barça" video
10:51 Warming up for the Gamper game video
Thursday14 17:57 “The call-up surprised me” video
14:30 Record debut in the Camp Nou
13:14 Bojan, called up by Del Bosque
11:00 Xavi in the limelight
Wednesday13 23:59 "If we continue like this it can be a good season"
23:58 Guardiola happy but cautious
23:57 "The fans have shown Eto’o affection"
Tuesday12 20:11 Guardiola ready for the challenge gallery
20:05 Alves ready for debut video
19:59 Eto'o to stay at Barça video
15:53 Barça debuts at Camp Nou
10:15 Youngsters rewarded for good work
Monday11 20:56 Wisla looking for upset
13:45 “The important is to give your best on the pitch" video
10:57 Sweat and high spirits gallery
Sunday10 17:42 Marc Crosas is now a Celtic player
16:27 A busy week ahead
13:45 Pinto: “The defence will be strong” video
12:53 Messi in the quarterfinals of the Olympics
12:44 “I’m proud to be able to play in the Champion’s League” video
11:19 The work continues gallery
Saturday09 18:18 Strategy takes over gallery
13:01 Piqué: “The team is performing well” video
10:37 Training in the mini-stadium again video
Friday08 13:39 Dream start for new players
11:54 Job well done before the qualifying matches
Thursday07 17:11 Great performance by Messi on debut
14:59 Messi stays for the Olympics and Barça compensated video
13:47 Messi thanks Barça
13:00 The team is in Barcelona already
04:02 Satisfactory outcome
03:48 Guardiola, satisfied with the team
02:50 Eto'o, top goalscorer in the pre-season
Wednesday06 23:02 Wisla, Barça’s rival in the preliminary
12:33 Henry: “The challenge is not getting injured” video
10:08 Almost like home gallery
10:00 Steve Nash with Barça again
09:59 Crosas: “A period of my life is over” video
06:50 Goals for hope gallery
Tuesday05 21:09 Signs of an agreement with Celtic for Crosas
17:05 Henry and Márquez, popular with the press
17:04 First leg of the preliminary in the Camp Nou
11:26 Txiki hopes to resolve Eto’o’s future soon video
03:13 In the heart of Manhattan gallery
00:01 The squad join the fight against malaria
Monday04 19:46 Back in New York gallery
05:03 Henry says pressure is important video
04:21 “Things are looking really good” video
02:42 One win ahead of Mexican sides
Sunday03 18:30 New shirt numbers
11:23 Alves looking forward to Camp Nou debut
04:21 Ball takes central role at Soldier Field
Saturday02 19:01 Abidal delighted with the physical work video
18:14 Márquez and Guardiola have experience
17:41 Touré and Eto'o out of action gallery
16:49 From Pedrito to Pedro gallery
05:13 Who will replace Deco? gallery
Friday01 21:47 Xavi and Márquez: The first game is key
19:03 Guardiola wants utmost prudence and respect video
18:03 Eto’o back to training video
14:15 Txiki feels attitude is the key to success
12:15 Barça to meet Beitar or Wisla
09:00 First opponent is jetlag
08:55 Gudjohnsen ready for August 12

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