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November 2007
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Friday30 17:59 Messi on the FIFA World Player shortlist
14:26 Rijkaard: “There is no clear favourite” video
12:53 Ten youth products for the derby video
Thursday29 14:41 Gudjohnsen: “A derby is special” video
12:44 Henry and Sylvinho to miss derby game
12:14 Edmílson rejoins the squad
Wednesday28 20:46 Xavi stresses change in attitude video
15:15 "If it is not today, I will be back tomorrow" video
13:36 Qualifying before the final game
12:57 History repeated
Tuesday27 23:58 “We hope to continue like this”
23:44 Rijkaard: “Objective achieved”
Monday26 20:15 Rijkaard: “I expect a different Lyon”
19:51 “We’ll be going out for a win” video
14:43 Busquets takes over temporarily from Unzué
Sunday25 19:02 Messi receives Bravo award
15:15 First Barça goal for Milito video
13:43 Ronaldinho and Thuram, included for Lyon video
12:20 Eto'o back in squad
11:26 Valdés equals Velasco
Saturday24 23:26 “It’s the result of the work I’ve done up till now”
23:20 “The team has shown the patience needed”
22:38 Puyol, doubtful for Lyon
22:17 League: fifty games scoring at Nou Camp
11:29 A renewed Recre look to climb out of relegation zone
Friday23 13:15 All in against Recre except Thuram
12:51 Ronaldinho, Touré and Abidal return video
Thursday22 20:50 Iniesta:” Edmílson admits that he made a mistake” video
18:58 Internationals return to training
18:00 A demanding fixture calendar
Wednesday21 14:14 Rijkaard in front by one
13:55 Bojan: “I do not feel any pressure video
12:30 Change of scenery video
Tuesday20 20:49 Dos Santos hoping for weekend return video
19:28 Eto'o at La Masia video
19:10 Eight first teamers and five from Barça B
12:21 “Barça will eventually start winning away” video
Monday19 20:05 “We can’t live on memories” video
19:34 Bojan and Márquez back in training
16:59 Bojan best young sportsperson
11:37 “We have to be mentally prepared” video
Sunday18 12:12 The week ahead for Barça video
Saturday17 13:58 Deco, at the Camp Nou video
13:12 "We have to sort things out ourselves” video
10:54 "The best remedy is competition” video
Friday16 12:02 Specific work in final session video
11:14 Crucial matches ahead
Thursday15 13:58 Sylvinho: “Dialogue and work” video
13:29 Intensive session for Valdés and Jorquera video
13:24 Five ex-Barça stars on the opposition bench
12:51 Eto’o with Cameroon
Wednesday14 17:36 Three historic cup goals
14:25 Jorquera: "I felt very comfortable" video
13:08 Four players report for training video
13:04 Dos Santos back next week
Tuesday13 23:47 Sylvinho: “We did a good job”
23:39 “The players all worked equally hard”
12:29 Unpicked players in training
Monday12 14:56 Rijkaard: “We all have to work the same” video
12:35 Márquez and Marc Crosas back in squad video
Sunday11 18:40 International week
13:52 “There is still time and we can sort it out” video
11:36 Voluntary training session video
Saturday10 23:24 “We have to respond like all the best teams do”
23:12 “We tried to do it our way but didn’t succeed”
11:12 Getafe are on the up
Friday09 14:07 Rijkaard wants Barça to be more clinical video
11:46 Zambrotta replaces Márquez in the squad
Thursday08 14:43 Messi: “We don’t have to change to win away" video
14:15 Puyol, Ronaldinho, and Messi receive FIFPro awards
12:27 Satisfied but focussed on Getafe
Wednesday07 23:48 Rijkaard: "It is a step forward"
23:40 Xavi: “The fans enjoyed themselves”
22:56 Valdés breaks European unbeaten record
Tuesday06 19:33 Milito for Zambrotta
19:15 “Winning won’t be as easy”
18:31 “We have to score as soon as possible” video
13:13 A guaranteed defence
12:34 Guaranteed goals
Monday05 16:25 Ronaldinho: "I’m still not 100%" video
14:35 Touré: “We have to win away from home” video
12:56 Work continues at La Masia
Sunday04 22:25 "Ronaldinho is fundamental"
22:23 "It was important to return to winning ways"
10:54 New style Betis continue to struggle
Saturday03 18:21 Argentina and Brazil call up Barça players
14:35 “The group is confident” video
12:21 Henry and Abidal get medical all-clear video
12:10 El Betis, irregular away from home
Friday02 15:06 "Sooner or later we will find the balance" video
14:09 From the plane to train video
14:05 Winter ball returns
Thursday01 23:59 “The opposition worked better as a team”
23:58 “Every player needs to score”
11:13 Better than the table suggests

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