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April 2010
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Friday30 14:34 Guardiola pleased with form video
12:11 20 called up for Villarreal video
Thursday29 14:42 Xavi: “We have to regroup immediately” video
14:32 Stats worthy of a champion
13:30 Laporta: “We have to win the four games” video
12:49 Time to get back up video
12:46 Total dominance when the ball was in play
Wednesday28 23:59 “Thank you everybody” video
23:58 Piqué: “The red card was counterproductive” video
23:33 Barça miss out on seventh final
11:04 FCB-Inter: Did you know…
Tuesday27 22:34 Majestic Bayern off to Madrid (0-3)
19:57 Whole squad prepares for Wednesday night video
19:17 “For Inter, Madrid is a dream, for Barca it’s an obsession” video
18:59 “We will be true to ourselves” video
17:30 Sergio: “I can sense a really positive feeling”
12:09 Pedro’s goal could be worth double
11:59 FCB-Tenerife: Tuesday May 4 at 20.00
Monday26 19:05 Defenders called in to strengthen options video
17:44 Piqué looks to Camp Nou factor video
14:02 Spoilt for choice up front
13:59 Defensive dilemma for Guardiola
Sunday25 18:32 Camp Nou record invites optimism
18:01 Facebook and YouTube pages support CL fight back
14:34 The week ahead in detail
12:20 Recuperation session video
Saturday24 21:46 Touré: “We absolutely have to win” video
21:20 “The only objective is to be ourselves” video
20:18 Xavi: league win 200
13:06 Spanish League Preview, Week 34
Friday23 13:55 Guardiola: "It will be difficult" video
11:55 Abidal unable to train video
09:14 Barça wary of history against strugglers
Thursday22 14:28 “The Xerez game is like another final” video
11:58 All minds on Xerez video
10:50 Jerez and Villarreal in Messi’s sights
Wednesday21 17:54 Dynamo and Chelsea the path to follow
12:44 Puyol suspended for second leg
11:50 Reasons to be hopeful ahead of the 2nd leg
11:39 Players to rest on Wednesday gallery
Tuesday20 23:58 Players confident of turning tie around video
23:55 Pep: “We’ll look at what we can do better” video
23:47 Biggest defeat of Guardiola era
19:00 Club to take Alves case to appeal
10:15 Inter v Barca: Did you know... ?
Monday19 20:24 Barça train in Milan the second time this season gallery
19:44 Pep: “It’s no use feeling sorry for yourself” video
19:06 Alves looking for a win video
18:27 “We’re much better now than in November"
15:51 Spanish League Roundup Week 33
14:25 Milan at last! gallery
13:53 Brothers go head to head
12:02 Txiki insists motivation will overcome tiredness video
Sunday18 21:09 Team to travel to Milan by coach in two stages gallery
14:32 “There can be no excuses” video
12:55 20 players travelling to Italy video
12:02 17th Clean Sheet
Saturday17 23:45 Team to travel to Milan on Sunday
23:34 Xavi: “They man marked very tight” video
23:10 Guardiola: “I’ve got a jewel of a team” video
22:42 Piqué again shows his class
13:41 Ibra in derby squad gallery
12:30 Spanish League Preview Week 33
11:03 Espanyol-FCB: Did you know….?
Friday16 14:20 Guardiola relishing vital derby video
14:03 Piqué: "Everyone wants to win these games" video
12:55 Ibrahimovic and Abidal train without problems video
10:30 Spanish League Round Up Week 32
Thursday15 13:51 Touré: “The derby is the most difficult game” video
12:51 Ibrahimovic back in training video
12:19 Record number of goalscorers
11:08 Barça recital in numbers
Wednesday14 23:59 Best run of the season
23:58 Valdés pays homage to Iniesta video
23:57 Guardiola: “Desire is driving us on” video
12:50 Inter off top spot
11:43 Spanish League Preview Week 32
Tuesday13 17:03 Nou Camp to stage Spanish Cup Final in May gallery
14:41 Guardiola reckons title race still tight video
13:23 Iniesta out for a month video
12:31 Guardado: “we’re not the team we were” video
12:09 Abidal back with squad video
Monday12 14:37 Xavi ready for challenges video
14:34 Two end-of-season friendlies
13:10 Messi leads chase for Golden Boot
12:06 Pedro yet again
12:05 Back to work with League in sight gallery
12:05 Spanish League Roundup: Week 31
Sunday11 16:42 Two league games this week
13:46 Gap between the big two made clear
12:07 The numbers of El Clásico
12:02 Barca and Madrid fixtures in the run in
Saturday10 23:59 Canaletes celebrates win again
23:59 Guardiola urges caution video
23:59 Laporta proud of the team video
23:59 Pedro “I enjoyed that” video
23:57 Second league win on the trot at the Bernabeu
13:15 Spanish League Preview Week 31
12:05 Squad are in Madrid video
10:48 Madrid-FCB. Did you know…
Friday09 14:12 “We have to be bold in the Bernabéu” video
13:33 Pinto renews Barça contract video
12:40 One in and two out for Madrid gallery
11:53 Valdés versus Casillas
10:37 Cruyff: "This is a very great honour” video
Thursday08 14:30 Messi better with Guardiola
11:43 “Winning at the Bernabéu is an overwhelming joy” video
10:34 Three wins in six years in the Bernabeu
Wednesday07 18:00 “Pep’s collecting the fruits of his past efforts” video
14:21 Will history repeat itself?
14:03 Piqué: "We’ll do our talking on the pitch" video
13:27 World’s press hails the ‘Messiah’
12:01 Focus switches to Real Madrid video
Tuesday06 23:59 Guardiola praises the club video
23:57 Xavi: "We have the best player in the world"
23:56 Messi puts goals down to teamwork video
23:46 Abidal out for 10 days
23:23 Record Breaker video
22:35 Third Champions Semi Final on the trot
20:21 Inter again stand in Barca’s way
12:26 Final training gallery
11:02 FCB v Arsenal: Did you know… video
Monday05 20:11 Wenger feels it is down to themselves video
19:13 Guardiola: “We have to be very quick” video
18:27 Iniesta named in 19-man squad gallery
17:45 Bojan: “It’s a final” video
12:37 Barça and Arsenal injury woes
11:59 Arsenal away form
Sunday04 18:25 Deco: "Messi is a true star" video
16:58 Timetable for decisive week
14:22 Abidal: "Our season is at stake this week" video
12:55 Injuries and appearances mark Athletic triumph
12:29 Iniesta returns to training video
11:38 Bojan: “I just keep working hard” video
Saturday03 23:41 “You just have to go out and play the way you know" video
23:27 “These players could reach the end of the world” video
23:09 Ibrahimovic out of Arsenal game
13:04 Spanish League Preview Week 30
Friday02 14:26 "We have to repeat the levels we showed in London” video
12:50 Messi back in training video
Thursday01 19:31 Recovery without Messi gallery
18:40 Puyol: “We should always go out like that” video
12:20 Six out of seven when it was 2-2
12:19 Figures contradict the eventual result video
12:14 Best of Ibra in Europe
January 1970
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Spanish League roundup: Week 34

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