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Basketball news

October 2010
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Sunday31 14:11 Triples hand Regal massive win (84-44) gallery
Wednesday27 22:32 Much needed win (77-84)
Sunday24 14:20 First defeat of the season (70-71) gallery
Thursday21 22:31 Comfortable start for Champions (80-66) gallery
Saturday16 19:45 Teamwork wins in Fonteta (69-78)
Sunday10 15:35 “We showed we can suffer and win”
14:26 Navarro leads Granada win (78-85)
Friday08 11:45 Victory echoes around the world
Thursday07 23:53 "An historic triumph and a festival of basketball" video
23:45 Phil Jackson: “Barça could not compete in the NBA”
23:39 Sant Jordi relives basketball festival video
21:44 'Showtime' Barça (92-88) gallery
Wednesday06 17:38 Star studded two versus two gallery
14:39 Lakers meet young fans gallery
Tuesday05 19:33 Warm reception for Gasol video
19:19 Lakers relishing great game video
18:10 Bryant: "I follow Barça" video
17:52 Worthy visits Barça Museum video
Monday04 17:45 Gasol: "I want to continue achieving things” video
Sunday03 14:09 Convincing ACB debut (83-58) gallery

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