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December 2007
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Monday31 13:45 Bojan: “It has been my best year” video
13:40 Jorquera: torn cruciate ligaments
11:20 Last training of the year video
Sunday30 14:27 "We’re only lacking the results” video
12:28 Intense morning session in the Mini
Saturday29 22:40 Bojan confirms status; Jorquera injured
21:22 Edmilson: “Team in high spirits” video
19:41 Back to work with an eye on the Cup video
Friday28 14:13 Analysis of the new signings
11:30 12 intense months for Bojan and Giovani
Thursday27 18:37 Recent league comebacks
13:46 2007: Messi’s year
11:39 Treatment for Valdés
Wednesday26 16:26 January - full of football
Monday24 11:48 Puyol to rest for a week
Sunday23 22:12 Rijkaard remains hopeful
22:09 Milito: "Defeat is hard to take"
10:23 An intense week
Saturday22 20:58 Rijkaard highlights forward movement video
20:01 Henry back in the groove
12:50 All possible results
11:09 Madrid, the third best visitor
Friday21 15:03 “Real Madrid have no weaknesses” video
14:34 “We have recent details of what to expect”
12:30 Another Scottish visitor
12:20 Barça to face Celtic in Champions League
11:44 Working on pressure video
11:14 Edmílson gets clearance
Thursday20 14:09 “Small details will decide “el clásico” video
12:09 Henry available for Sunday
11:46 Training focuses on tactical work video
10:41 La Masía wins "el clásico"
Wednesday19 17:30 Valdés & Casillas concede the fewest goals
14:52 Gudjohnsen believes the team is ready to win video
11:37 Henry returns to full training video
Tuesday18 20:48 "It would be a dream to play in el Clásico"
19:33 Getting ready for the clásico video
14:41 Fourteen Barça goalscorers
12:06 Veterans and debutants in the clásico
Monday17 21:05 Messi, second best player in the world video
16:30 Xavi: “We’re only thinking of winning” video
11:20 “The Madrid game will be special but not decisive" video
Sunday16 14:38 Touré: “We did what we had to do” video
12:45 Day of recovery video
12:18 Messi out for 4 or 5 weeks
Saturday15 23:58 “The key was to make our mark early”
23:05 Messi to miss Madrid visit
11:52 Valencia looking to bounce back
Friday14 14:06 “Psychologically it would be an important win” video
12:01 Messi back in the squad video
11:36 Iniesta reaches 200 games
Thursday13 14:19 Possible opponents in the last 16
13:56 “We’ve improved in our away games” video
13:18 The most dangerous team in Europe
12:53 Back to the league video
Wednesday12 23:58 Giovani scores first senior goal
23:53 Neeskens: “The team has shown morale”
10:51 Barça-Stuttgart: Did you know that...
Tuesday11 20:32 Abidal, Touré and Crosas back in the squad
20:14 Neeskens hoping for open game video
17:20 Penalties spot on for Barça
Monday10 16:48 The best home start under Rijkaard
14:03 Valdés: “The classic will be vital” video
12:33 Attention turns to Champions League video
Sunday09 23:58 Rijkaard praises players’ attitude
23:57 Eto’o: “I felt great”
11:14 Deportivo, a dangerous visitor
Saturday08 14:45 “It’s a happy moment for the team” video
14:01 “The team needs me, and I need the team” video
12:35 Eto'o and Deco, the latest additions
Friday07 14:17 Messi remains ambitious video
12:24 Tactical improvements video
11:45 Home advantage against Depor
Thursday06 14:50 “The objective is to collect the next nine points” video
12:05 Excitement in the Mini video
Wednesday05 14:03 Márquez: “Watch out for Guardado” video
12:25 Training in greater numbers video
Tuesday04 20:23 Abidal: “We can hold our heads up high” video
19:21 Focused on Deportivo
16:11 The curse of the woodwork
11:52 Eto'o gets medical clearance video
Monday03 10:55 Neeskens: “We’re on the right track” video
10:55 Iniesta consolidates his position
Sunday02 13:45 Henry out for 15 days
13:44 Messi third best in Europe
12:55 Activity for injured players video
Saturday01 23:57 Xavi: "We have dropped two points"
23:56 "Playing like that we will win away"
12:06 250 league games for the captain
11:10 Espanyol, with the same squad as last season

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