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18.01.2008 12:30

Puyol misses training with fever

Jesús Carrillo / Jordi Clos

Carles Puyol missed training on Friday morning after staying at home with a fever as the rest of the squad were put through their paces in a high-tempo session ahead of the visit of Racing Santander at the weekend.

The Barça captain was noticeable by his absence from training as he was told to stay away and rest, but hopes are high that he will have recovered in time for the final session on Saturday before the team plays a day later. Doctors have supplied Puyol with medication and antibiotics to try and speed up his comeback.

Physical work

6entrenu180108.jpgThe remainder of the squad set about their usual warm-up routines before being put through two circuits with the emphasis placed on physical work. The first circuit ended with a shot at goal and the second one did not. Lionel Messi enjoyed another day alongside his teammates as he slowly returns to form, while Edmílson worked to the side of the squad with a coach. Ronaldinho and Santiago Ezquerro also continued with their personal recovery programmes.

After the physical exhertions, the squad split into three groups to play small-sided games in a reduced area of the pitch.

In green bibs: Abidal, Gujohnsen, Márquez, Xavi and Giovani.
in no bibs: Zambrotta, Deco, Henry, Sylvinho and Thuram.
In orange bibs: Oleguer, Messi, Milito, Bojan and Iniesta.
Puyol misses training with fever
Keeping in trim
During the training session members of the council's Parcs i Jardins unit trimmed the trees along the edge of the road next to La Masia and left leaves and branches on the pitch. While the players watched wth curiousity, none of them were affected by the trimming.

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