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12.01.2008 23:15

“We have shown what our squad can do”

Jordi Clos

Frank Rijkaard has praised the players on their football and attitude and said people need to believe more in the team. He commented on the need to fight and suffer to win games.

Barça’s dynamic and the way they won so comfortably against Murcia has left Rijkaard satisfied. After the game, the coach said “we have shown what our squad can do. We should take note of men like Sylvinho, Zambrotta, Thuram and Guddy, who created good sensations, and raised confidence … there is a lot of league and competition to go” and added that the team had shown that they have reacted.

Faith in players

Asked about the jeers from the crowd during the first 20 minutes, Rijkaard was categorical. “We have to believe in the team more. We shouldn’t doubt and should support the team when they need it … Before opening the scoring you have to fight and suffer.” Almost everything he had to say was positive, except “the depth in the first half was not as good as in the second, but we worked hard”.

Well organised opponent

It may have seemed like an easy win, but the coach was impressed with Murcia: “What we saw early on was a very well organised Murcia, playing well and effectively. They left a good impression. It is always important to open up the game when you play a side that keeps it tight at the back. In that sense, we should congratulate Bojan because he played intelligently on the right and contributed to the win in that role”.

Great Henry

Another player Frank Rijkaard singled out was Thierry Henry. “I was not surprised by his performance. He participated in everything he could and is playing perfectly, showing his class. He was the main player and deserves it. He can contribute a lot to the team.” Henry will be of particular importance now that Eto’o is going away, and Rijkaard said he took off the Cameroonian because “it was a good way to say goodbye to him for a while. I wish him a good tournament and hope and he comes back in good condition”.
“We have shown what our squad can do”
Morning training
The Barça squad return to action on Sunday morning. Training will be at 11 o’clock with the focus on recovery from the match.

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