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May 2007
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Thursday31 19:00 Ronaldinho appeal turned down
10:58 Five wins out of five after internationals
Wednesday30 17:39 Márquez called up for Gold Cup
17:47 Barça set to appeal Ronaldinho ban
14:32 Rijkaard: "For Barça every match is important" video
13:31 The derby to be played on June 9 at 21:00
12:40 Youth and experience
Tuesday29 20:20 Camp Nou the venue for Argentina v Algeria
19:44 Ronaldinho gets one match ban
14:46 Valdés admits title race is difficult
12:08 First ‘family’ training session for Barça
11:49 Edmílson called up for Copa América
Monday28 19:39 Barça face biggest exodus
13:57 The deadliest attacking trio in Europe
13:09 International fixtures
12:43 Club to appeal Ronaldinho red card
Sunday27 23:10 La Liga a three-way race
14:03 Rijkaard celebrates 150 league games
13:18 Valdés, one step away from the Zamora trophy
12:42 Not a typical week
01:31 "We played a side that was more motivated than normal"
01:22 Laporta: "The players have given it their all"
Saturday26 15:23 Zambrotta, out of squad
11:00 Getafe, a team with ambition
Friday25 13:05 Rijkaard announces squad to face Getafe video
10:51 Camp Nou the key
Thursday24 19:29 Ronaldinho stresses good atmosphere in the squad
18:55 International duty beckons for Barça stars
14:46 Zambrotta: “We’re doubly motivated against Getafe”
14:53 Gio stresses unity
11:38 Thursday training with an eye on Getafe
Wednesday23 23:15 Milan take over Barça’s crown
15:15 “Criticism motivates me” video
14:31 “Winning the league would be very nice!"
11:49 Barça preparing for Getafe video
09:00 Who will succeed Barça?
Tuesday22 19:14 Márquez out for fifteen days
16:50 Deco called up by Portugal
16:24 Eto'o has seven assists this season
11:07 Zambrotta among the goals
00:29 Ronaldinho: Assists and goals
Monday21 18:15 The joy of six
18:05 Goals from all three
14:11 Messi hoping for Madrid slip video
11:38 Back in training
00:23 Xavi: “Today we saw a great Barça”
Sunday20 23:56 “A perfect result”
11:46 Wembley, Barça’s finest hour
11:00 Atlético Madrid, irregular at the Calderón
Saturday19 13:58 “We have to believe in our possibilities” video
12:53 Giuly and Motta travel to Madrid video
Friday18 14:51 “We need to be ready to take advantage"
14:41 Oleguer “This is no time to feel sorry for ourselves” video
13:03 Sergi: "Attitude will be the deciding factor"
12:13 Márquez to continue individual programme
11:46 Deco back with the squad video
11:14 At. Madrid v Barça: ups and downs in recent years
Thursday17 15:15 “We will fight for the league harder than ever” video
13:19 Thursday training in the Miniestadi video
10:20 17th May: A date for the history books
10:09 The closest title race in years
Wednesday16 16:22 Gudjohnsen: "We cannot look back"
14:24 Valdés: "We want to win more trophies" video
11:41 Barça focussing on Atlético
10:06 Ronaldinho will not play in the Copa América
Tuesday15 13:21 Thuram asks for confidence and support video
13:02 Márquez edging back to full fitness video
10:22 Ronaldinho scored 400th goal
Monday14 14:44 “We have to keep on fighting” video
11:50 Monday training video
Sunday13 22:35 “Winning the 4 games, we’ll be champions"
22:28 “One detail decided the game”
10:44 Betis Fighting for Survival
Saturday12 14:15 “We owe the fans and the club” video
Friday11 21:06 “We have confidence in the team’s ability”
14:46 “I feel embarrassed” video
14:41 Jorquera unhappy with his performance video
12:59 Meeting and Training video
Thursday10 23:57 Puyol: “I feel furious and helpless”
23:55 Rijkaard accepts defeat
13:15 Low key training session for Deco
11:48 The signs are good for tonight
Wednesday09 18:58 Schuster: "It will have to be a fantastic display from us"
14:07 “All we should do is look in the mirror” video
13:03 Belletti returns to the squad video
10:21 Getafe unbeaten since first leg
Tuesday08 15:00 Jorquera set for his finest hour video
14:49 Ezquerro: “5-2 does not guarantee we will be in the final”
11:30 Motta joins final open doors training session
Monday07 14:37 “If we win the league, we’ll enjoy it all the more” video
14:24 Xavi: “We have to use our five senses” video
13:53 Dutch Cup for former Barça stars
12:21 Belletti given medical all-clear video
11:31 King of the goal assist
10:39 Eto'o has best strike rate in Europe
Sunday06 23:01 Further ahead at the top
18:14 Edmilson returns in Anoeta video
11:24 Gio makes it a ton video
Saturday05 23:22 Edmilson: “We came to Anoeta to win and we did”
23:19 Rijkaard underlines importance of away win
10:26 Real Sociedad battling for survival
Friday04 14:54 “We are fighting from a good position” video
14:45 “I am one hundred per cent ready to help the team” video
13:08 Edmílson and Motta return
12:06 Top of the league with six games left
Thursday03 19:53 Anoeta is a happy hunting ground
14:44 “Barça is the best team in the league” video
12:58 Deco injury concern
11:42 Messi back with the squad video
11:40 Close season training camp at Saint Andrews video
Wednesday02 14:54 Edmílson: “We will win the League and Cup” video
14:44 Thuram: “We are focused on winning” video
12:02 Motta and Edmílson given all-clear
Tuesday01 17:35 Valdés: 150th league game in Anoeta
17:34 Two years since Messi’s first goal
12:54 Seven weeks on top

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