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27.07.2007 17:48

Henry’s diary (IV)


He came and conquered, one game and one goal. In the latest entry in his diary, Thierry Henry speaks of his debut with his new team, and the kind of passion shown by the fans both for himself and Barça.

“On Thursday I played my first game for Barça and in general it was a very emotional day. First because it was the first time I have played for five months, and also because I was able to score my first goal for Barça. Although it wasn’t an official goal, it was very important for me.

The reception from the Dundee United fans was great, and I was able to play for 45 minutes without any problems. It was a difficult game because you have to remember that we have only been training for 4 or 5 days, while Dundee United have been working hard for three weeks, and so they were fresher. So me and the rest of the team, we’re still trying to get back to full fitness, and that’s what we’re working on.

dundeefcb_x8x.jpgI have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the ovation I got from the crowd when I started warming up. I have never played in Scotland before and the welcome has been amazing. But I think there are a lot of very good people here in Scotland, and they know how to give you a good welcome. I played in Great Britain for several years, and fans generally treated me very well indeed.

Today I gave my first press conference since I came to Barça; the only one I gave before was at my presentation. There was a lot of expectation, but I guess that’s the way it will always be. When you play for a team like Barça, everybody wants to know about what’s happening, they want to know about this, that and the other. That’s normal. But press conferences are generally the same thing over and over, the same questions, the same answers. But you have to do them, it’s all part of the job.

I have to say that the media interest here is different. When I was at Arsenal, nobody reported on our training sessions. England’s like that. But it’s a bit like when I was at Juve or Monaco, so I am kind of used to it. And every day when we get to the hotel, there are crowds of autograph hunters, but that’s only to be expected because in Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England, they live for football. And if you have come with a team like Barça, they will definitely want to watch you.

About last night’s match, I have got into my rhythm with training and matches. But that’s what football is like, you never stop! But I like it, and I can’t wait for the official season to get under way. The team needs it, and I imagine the fans do too!

Until tomorrow

Thierry Henry"

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Henry’s diary (IV)

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