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25.07.2007 17:26

Henry’s Diary (II)


In the second chapter of his diary, Thierry Henry speaks about his eating habits, admits he enjoys bread and tomato and says he is looking forward to his debut for Barça.

“We have been working hard these last few days and need to eat a lot to keep up our energy. I eat what I have to and what my body needs, without excesses. I eat a bit of everything but I take special care over fruit, because I think that’s very important. I eat everything but I like to mix, a bit of pasta, rice, chicken, salad...

When I’m in a hotel I like to vary what I eat each day. Because if not you end up eating the same thing all the time and it gets boring. But there’s one thing I can’t get here and that I have tried in Barcelona and I like a lot, and that’s bread and tomato! You take the bread, spread on tomato and garlic, and a bit of salt and oil and you can it eat it just like that! And if you put a bit of ham on top it’s delicious. I like ‘bravas’ potatoes too. They’re incredible. I like them a lot.

henryentreno250707.jpgAs for the day to day stuff, we woke up to a bit of rain today, a very Scottish climate after so many sunny days. That was good for training, because we are running a lot these days, a bit of rain with a bit of heat is good for your body. The training session was tough, but that’s normal during the pre-season. The sessions are intense, we have to run a lot to get into form for the new season. The work is hard but we’ll have to get used to it. With each day I’m getting closer to normal fitness, and as I haven’t played for so long I am going to have to work hard along with everybody else.

On Thursday I might play my first game for Barça, I’m not sure, the boss will decide. I’m sure it will be exciting because even though it’s not an official game, it will be the first time I pull on the Barça shirt, and just for that it will be a big moment. I can’t say I’m nervous because I’m 30 years old and at this stage of my life I can’t get nervous about things like that, but I am excited.

In the first training sessions I have been put in attack alongside Ronaldinho and Eto’o. The truth is it is not normal for any team to have so many good players together, it’s amazing and it is our luck and that of the Barça fans that it is like that. It is a great feeling to be able to play with Samuel and Ronnie, but not just them, but the rest of the squad as well. Wherever you look, in the dressing room or the dining room, you keep saying top quality international players!

Until tomorrow

Thierry Henry"

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Henry’s Diary (II)

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