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24.07.2007 17:27

Henry's diary (I)


Thierry Henry is enjoying his first few days as a player with FC Barcelona in St. Andrews. The French forward has been delighted by the welcome the club has received in Scotland and is enjoying the atmosphere in the camp.

To follow we offer Thierry Henry┤s thoughts on the first handover of his diary covering the Pre-season stage:

"The welcome in Saint Andrews has been great. All the people in Great Britain are very good people. They always give you a warm welcome and make everything go as well as possible during your stay and that is the same again this time. Since we have arrived the people have been very good to us a very kind. The facilities here are incredible as are the training facilities. For me is the same as I experienced throughout my time in England, although I have to say that if you tell as Scotsman they are like the English it may not go down very well, but for me the treatment has been equally as good. It has been like that since we arrived and everything is going well. In fact, I had only been to Scotland twice before and both times were for international matches in Glasgow.

On a day-to-day basis, I have the chance to play bat some very big clubs and everything that has happened at Barša has been similar to what I have experienced before. One thing that I like very much is the atmosphere among everyone, the players and the coaching staff. When you arrive at a new place you are always a little anxious, but I am delighted that everyone here talks to everyone else and everyone gets on so well. Above all though, I like that fact that when it is time to work, everyone works hard and then, when we are all back in the hotel we have a laugh and enjoy ourselves. I really like that.

The truth is that today we played a little game. It is not that I am tired, but one thing is doing a bit of running and another to actually play in a match. Today was the first time since the beginning of March, entrenomatiescocia24707_x9x.jpgnearly five months, that I have played football. Because of that I knew I would feel a bit strange, since I still need to readjust. But I have to say that being able to play was great, I needed that. Scoring goals is not worrying me, the most important thing was to play. It will not be easy, but I have to train and work hard to be able to play and then it will be down to the coach. But for now I am very happy to be playing again!

During the moments when we can rest in pre-season, like the one that we have after lunch, I always like a little sleep. We also have a late training session and I like to put the television on and take a nap and have a short dream. I cannot think about reading then because as soon as I open a book I would fall asleep straight away. When the season starts and I am fitter I will be able to use those moments to read or to look at the internet. Now though, I have to make use of our rest periods whenever I can."

Until Tomorrow,

Thierry Henry"

Henry's diary (I)

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