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Villa considers competition good for team

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26.09.2011 14:09

Villa considers competition good for team

Sandra Sarmiento

David Villa is happy with the way he is playing and feels that it is good to have so much quality in the team. As for Leo Messi, he defines his fellow striker as ‘extraordinary’.

David Villa has got his second season at FC Barcelona off to a fantastic start, with five goals, two more than at the same stage of last season. He is now fully adapted to the team and said today that “they always say that when I score it is like a release and when I don’t it adds to the pressure. But my job is not only to score goals, I try to help the team, I have done that all my life … I am very happy both on and off the pitch and I hope to stay here a very long time”.

Quality squad

2011-09-26_ENTRENO_39.JPGCesc and Alexis have certainly made the team stronger. “There are players here that have always been in the first eleven. But there are more than eleven of us here and not everyone can play. Whoever plays, helps the team”, says Villa, who understands that Guardiola changes the team depending on the needs of each match. “Healthy competition leads to very positive things for the team. I try to do my job as well as possible whenever I get to play”.

Messi amazing

Messi’s team mates are the first to praise the greatest player on the planet right now. “He is doing incredible things. Every day he surprises us with a new records, he is surpassing himself. Nobody compares with him and we are so happy that he’s wearing our shirt each day … He is extraordinary, unique, wonderful.” Villa also spoke about Xavi, who “always plays well … Messi is also better thanks to how he plays”.

Feeling positive

2011-09-24_PARTIDO_07.JPGAfter thumping Atlético Madrid 5-0, Barça seem to be back to their old selves. They played some magnificent football on Saturday, but Villa knows they have to take things a step at a time. “Barça play a very high level of football, but each day is different and no team is unbeatable … But we sense that the fans are excited. They know how much potential we’ve got and what we can do, but we are aware that is only just starting”.

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