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"We’re going home with bitter-sweet feelings"

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21.09.2011 23:22

Alves: "We’re going home with bitter-sweet feelings"

The Brazilian admitted after the match in Valencia that the team went from "less to more", and so they go back to Barcelona with the feeling that the result "could have been better".

Tonight in Valencia, Dani Alves played as a winger, a full back, and in the final minutes of the game as a central defender. He has no problem playing in the different positions that Pep Guardiola wants him to play in. "We try to adapt to what the manager wants. I give my all in every position I play in", he said.

"From less to more"

2011-09-21_PARTIDO_15.JPGAlves said that Valencia started the game stronger than Barça and this meant that "the movement of the ball was difficult for us". But when analysing the match, the Barça player believes that "we went from less to more" and thus didn’t hesitate to acknowledge that "in the second half there was only one team in the game, Barcelona".

In the end the 2-2 draw, as far as the game went, means that "we’re going home with a bittersweet taste". Having said all that Alves is aware that it’s not easy to win in Valencia, and so he believes that the team "has the feeling of having done a great job. We put in a lot of effort and the result could have been better".

Cesc Fabregas

"We controlled the second half from beginning to end, and I think we’re going home with a bit of a bad taste in the mouth because we deserved to win".

"The starts of the seasons are difficult but I think we put in a lot of effort, especially in the second half. I think in the end we deserved to win".

"This team has some well practiced moves, and we try to use them as best we can".

"I try to profit from the qualities of my teammates, who all have great vision".

Thiago Alcantara:

"We’re leaving with the feeling of not winning the game. What hurts us is not having drawn the match, it’s not having won the game".

Pedro Rodriguez:

2011-09-21_PARTIDO_08.JPG"I’m pleased with the goal but the result is a shame, looking at how the game went".

"In the first half they started better, but in the second half we deserved to win. We created more chances".

"Seeing how the game went it could be a good result".

"I’m happy that we got back into the match, and created those chances".

"Cesc is amazing. He’s in such good form for us".

Carles Puyol

"Every day I feel better. The knee is responding well. I don’t have any pain. Now it’s time to help the team however I can".

"The result is fair. I prefer to remember the attitude of the team".

"What we do is play. What we all have to do is to help the referees more. They whistle what they see and we shouldn’t argue with them".

"At no time have I said that it would be a league of two. Every week is difficult. Our opponents prepare a lot for our games, and it gets tougher every time”.

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