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Zubi, on Bojan and Alexis: “We’re near the end”

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19.07.2011 13:24

Zubizarreta, on Bojan and Alexis: “We’re near the end”

Roger Bogunyà

Sports director Andoni Zubizarreta has recognised that the negotiations to sign Alexis Sánchez and for Bojan Krkic¡s departure are almost complete. On Cesc, he insists that the negotiations have been clean.

Speaking together with Josep Guardiola, Andoni Zubizarreta has explained how things are going with respect to Alexis Sánchez and Bojan Krkic. “All three parties have worked hard and we understand that the negotiations are coming to an end”, he said on the Chilean, who he expects “to be with us very soon … Some endings are long-winded, but we hope that it is a happy one”.

On Bojan, he said “the agreement will be closed very soon,” in reference to the talks between AS Roma and FC Barcelona, adding that “we have decided that it’s better for him to work for himself.” The player has been excused from training with the first team in order for him to spend time sorting out his future.

No force over Cesc

a05.jpgThe name of Cesc Fàbregas copped up once again. Zubizarreta defended the way the club has dealt with the issue. “Our position is to show the utmost respect to Arsenal, because that club owns the player. From here, our job is to make proposals and to create proposals that might be of interest to Arsenal. It is not our way to use force, although there are some people that are only interested in the way things finish. The negotiations have to be face-to-face, not behind backs”.

Solutions for Jeffren

Zubizarreta then discussed Jeffren Suárez. “He knows his situation in the squad. We are looking at the best options with him and his agent in order for him to find the best place to carry on playing football … but the market is not as active as the media is making out … the club is only receiving very limited offers.” This, he claims, is reflected by the small number of transfers this summer involving the biggest clubs in Europe.

Abidal’s new contract

Other than these comings and goings, Zubizarreta also mentioned Éric Abidal, whose contract ends on June 30, 2012. “We had proposed the renewal of his contract before his illness, and once he recovered, we restarted negotiations. From there, we shall be looking to reach an agreement” he said.

The last name he mentioned was that of Gabriel Milito, where there is no change. “Milito has a contract, he will be here on the 8th and we’ll work with him”.

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