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Guardiola: "There's nowhere like here"

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19.07.2010 14:25

Guardiola: "There's nowhere like here"

Aida Soriano

In his first press conference of the pre-season, Pep Guardiola insisted he would stay in charge “for as long as I feel strong enough”. The boss also spoke of his recent meetings with President Rosell and Johan Cruyff.

Guardiola, who signed a new one year contract last week, declared: "I’m very happy to stay here for another season. I want to continue doing a good job and to make the fans proud of what we are doing” Pep also promised the fans “hard work and dedication”.

One year contract

2010-07-14_RENOVACION_GUARDIOLA_VILANOVA_006.jpgGuardiola explained his reasons for signing on for just one more season: “I work better with short contracts. I need to know that things are working – that we are working well. I can’t really see any difference in signing for one year or for four and I’d like to thank the board for accepting this. If everything goes well and I feel strong enough, I’ll stay on for another season again, but if I see things aren’t working out in a year, then I’ll leave”.

At home

"I’m very satisfied and happy with the support the new board has shown. I know people think it was a done deal, but I’m very proud that they offered me another year in charge”, claimed Guardiola, who also thanked ex-technical secretary Txiki Begiristain and ex-President Joan Laporta for the confidence they’d shown in him. “I’d never be as well off as I am here, It’s as if I’m at home. I’ve worked with the reserves and now with the first team”.


"I’ve been here for many years and I would never do anything to deceive the club, When Rosell offered me a six year contract and talked about stability, I told him that the stability was in the institution, not in the coach”.

Automatic renewal

2010-07-14_RENOVACION_GUARDIOLA_VILANOVA_003.jpgAs to the possibility of an automatic contract renewal, Guardiola repeated: “if we’re good and everything’s gone well, then why not continue? But football can change; we can have a bad season. It’s not a matter of my staying if we win a trophy or leaving if we don’t. It’s down to how the players respond. If I see one day that I can get nothing more from them, then it’s time to leave. I don’t see things working out like they did last season – there were elections ahead then, but now we have a new president for six years and it can be sorted out over a coffee: ‘I feel fine, lets continue’ or ‘I don’t like how things are working, it’s better to break this off’”.

Well paid

2010-07-14_RENOVACION_GUARDIOLA_VILANOVA_013.jpgQuizzed over his and his assistant Tito Vilanova’s salary - details of which have recently appeared in the media: "I knew that could happen. I can’t control it. Yes I’ll be well paid now and I have been for the last two years” Responding to rumours as to disagreements with Sr Rosell over his conditions, Guardiola responded: “I reached an agreement with the new President very quickly and if we didn’t sign earlier it was simply because he had so many things to see to when he came in”.

Club man

Asked as to the extent of his influence over the club’s sporting structure, Guardiola replied: "I feel part of the club’s sporting organigram, but it’s the club which decides. I give my opinion and the President listens. I listen to him and then we decide what’s best, but it’s the club which has the final word. I’m just a club man, even if it sometimes looks like I’m the captain of the ship and I have all the keys – I don’t decide everything, just that which is my responsibility”.


2010-07-19_ENTRENO_15.JPGJohan Cruyff was also the subject of questions from the media and Pep insisted: “he’s never far away for me, because I have him there when I need advice. I’ve taken a lot from Cruyff, as he took a lot from Michels”. As to the recent controversy surrounding the figure of the club’s honorary president, Guardiola tried to smooth things over, insisting: “he’s a vital person. Something was done badly and I understand that the President spoke with him. Neither the club nor Johan deserve this and I have no doubt that he will be a part of this club”.
Photo: Miguel Ruiz-FCB.
Photo: Miguel Ruiz-FCB.

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RFEF fine
Guardiola was considerably less sanguine with regards the fine he was handed by the RFEF for alleging that the referee Clos Gomez had lied in his report on the game against Almeria last season: “the cameras showed what happened. They fine me and I will pay, but the system is damaged. Maybe if I’d said he’d not told the truth, rather than that he’d lied…. It’s all down to interpretation, but he lied, so what can I do?”.

Guardiola also revealed he’d prefer earlier kick offs, so that more people come to watch the games, something the Board are trying to negotiate with Mediapro who hold the TV rights to the games, but admitted: “they are within their rights to choose the kick off times. They own the rights”.

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