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Parallel lives in the Champions League

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27.05.2011 11:24

Barça-Manchester United, parallel lives in the Champions League

David Puig

There are many similarities between the two finalists’ histories in this competition since it adopted its modern format. In fact, both teams have even scored and conceded exactly the same number of goals.

Barça-Manchester United, parallel lives in the Champions League

More coincidences in old European Cup
We find more similarities between Barça and Manchester United under the straight knockout format used from 1955/56 to 1991/92. Barça’s scoring average was 1.9 goals compared the almost identical 1.88 for ManU, while their goals against were exactly the same on 0.9 goals a game.
There are several strange coincidences between FC Barcelona and Manchester United’s UCL pasts. They both won the title once in its old guise and twice in the new one, both having made huge strides forward since the 1990s. But that’s not all. Since 1992/93, the two teams stats are almost identical.

Same goals for and against

2011-03-08_PARTIDO_39.JPGBarça and Manchester United have both scored 303 goals in the 18 editions of the Champions League. Barça did that in 158 games for an average of 1.91 goals a game. The Red Devils did the same in 175 games, making for a slightly lower average haul of 1.73 goals a game.

The stats are just as tight in terms of goals against. Here again they share the same tally: 158. That means the Premiership club have let in 0.9 goals a game and the Catalans exactly one.

Barça win more

2011-05-03_FCB_-_REAL_MADRID_018.jpgAs for wins and defeats, Barça have a better record than Man Utd. Barça have won 88 games, 55.7% of the total, while the English club might have won more matches, 96, but the percentage is lower on 54.8%.

Barça are also better off in terms of defeats. They have suffered a total of 28, making for 17.7%, while since the 1992/93 season, the Brits have 34 losses, 19.4% of their total outings.

As for draws, Barça have also have more than United with 26.5% from 42 draws, while United’s 25.7% has come from 45 tied matches.

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