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Camp Nou the base for the 3 leagues

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17.05.2011 13:44

Points at Camp Nou the base for Guardiola’s 3 leagues

Marc Guillén

Barça under Guardiola have always won more points at home than their rivals. In the last season, FCB have won 48, drawn 6 and lost 3 of the 57 league matches they have played at the Camp Nou.

Points at Camp Nou the base for Guardiola’s 3 leagues

This season started with shock home defeat to Hercules, followed soon after by a 1-1 draw with Mallorca. People started saying Barça did better away, but after those setbacks, they dropped no further home points until Sunday’s draw with Deportivo, with the title already settled. It has still been at the Camp Nou that Guardiola has collected the most points.

More points at home

2011-05-08_PARTIDO_52.JPGWith Guardiola on the bench, FC Barcelona have been simply stunning on the road. But the truth is, they have been winning games in regular fashion wherever they play, and it is still at the Camp Nou that they have the strongest record.

Barça have 50 away points this season, while the most they can get away would be 46 if they beat Malaga on Saturday. Last season, they got 55 at the Camp Nou and 44 away and in Guardiola’s maiden season, Barça collected 45 points at home and 42 away.

Impeccable season

The 2009/10 season was the launch-pad for this amazing home form. Barça almost won everything, dropping just two points with a draw against Villarreal, in the midst of the Clubs World Cup and Christmas and New Year hangover.

Scoring stats in constant improvement

FC Barcelona’s goal difference at the Camp Nou has improved every season. They tend to get similar numbers of points, but a better balance of goals for and against. In Guardiola’s first season, the team scored 61 goals and let in 14, a year later scored 57 and conceded 11 and so far this season, Barcelona have scored 46 and leaked just 10.

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