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“This team is a great family”

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13.05.2011 23:05

“This team is a great family”

Jordi Clos

Here’s what the rest of the players told the fans after Carles Puyol and Pep Guardiola had addressed them on Friday night.

“This team is a great family”

Xavi Hernàndez

“I just want to say that it’s not worth worrying about the other teams – think about this team, the best in the world! We hope to be back with the Champions League in the 28th!”

Éric Abidal

“I want to thank the players, all the staff and all my family for the support they have given me this season. Their strength helped me to carry on –Thank you very much!”

Víctor Valdés

2011-05-13_FIESTA_CAMP_NOU_019.jpg“I don’t know if I can speak, but I’ll try. I only want to say one thing.. I am proud to defend these colours and this club badge. Visca Catalunya! –Sorry, but somebody had to say it!”

José Manuel Pinto

“Family – it’s a time to be happy and to celebrate. If anyone wants to know why we are here, it’s because we are the best –that’s all there is to say”.

Gaby Milito

“It’s a pleasure to have had another title winning season and we all deserve it –the staff, the players and the fans. We deserve to be able to celebrate this. I am so proud of this group of players and to have them as teammates”.

Andrés Iniesta

“This is the third league title for us, but we want plenty more. This has been a special year for me with the birth of my daughter and on 28th I want to give her the Champions League as a present – We’ll see you all back here”.

Leo Messi

“I’m so happy to be back here celebrating the league title again, but I’ll keep my words for the 29th –then I’ll talk!”

Javier Mascherano

“I just want to say two things: first, I’m proud to be part of this group and second that it’s like a dream to be with them”.

Gerard Piqué

“First I’d like to thank the staff for all their work over the three years. Secondly, to thank all of you for turning up here every Saturday -you deserve the title as much as we do. Finally, I want to be back here to see you all on 29th! We’ll bring it back”.

Dani Alves

“I’m proud to be part of this Club –we are showing we are more than a Club! We are here with our family – I’m not just saying that either, we are like a family and it’s great to be part of that”.

Seydou Keita

“I want to mention the staff, the players and the fans. This team has things that others don’t have –without our values we’d never have done all this. We’ll see you again on 29th”.

David Villa

“I’m very happy to be here. Thank you for letting me live through all this – it’s like a dream come true”.

Sergio Busquets

“It’s a pleasure to be celebrating the title again. It’s my third and the most important one for me. Thank you and I hope to be back on 29th –I hope this never stops”.

Pedro Rodríguez

“Thank you to everyone for all their efforts throughout the season. I’m happy to be part of this team and now we have one big effort to make – the Champions League Final and we hope to bring it back here”.

Adriano Correia

“I’m proud to be here and to celebrate my first league title. This is more than a club, it’s my family and my life”.

Ibrahim Afellay

“Thank you for everything - next time my Spanish will be better!”


“There are no more words to say, to say thank you…..This is a fantastic, spectacular moment”.

Bojan Krkic

“I’m proud to have been at this Club all my life and the most important thing is to have all these friends who love me and help me so much. Thank you!”

Jeffren Suárez

“First of all, I am especially happy because I am from this club to be part of this marvellous team. They are incredible people. Secondly, thank you to you all. The league trophy is back home, now we have the title we are all waiting for – the Champions League. We have to stay united to bring it back and enjoy it here at this great stadium”.

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