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"Each game won is a giant step"

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22.04.2011 14:30

Guardiola: "Each game won is a massive step towards winning the League"

Anna Segura

Pep Guardiola knows that the game against Osasuna is vital in terms of winning the League, a title, according to him "which demonstrates more things than anything else".

Guardiola: “Each game won is a massive step towards winning the League“

Guardiola has his book
After the press conference Pep Guardiola received the exclusive book "Thanks Pep". This is the collection of messages that fans and supporters have sent via the web site . The promotors of the site decided to put together the more than 1,000 messages that have been received from around the world and put them on paper to give to the Barça manager. It’s a unique work since only 21 copies have been made and it’s not on sale.
Before starting the series of games with arch rival Real Madrid, Pep Guardiola already warned that one of the most dangerous games of the league season was against Osasuna. The game has come around, and that's why FC Barcelona's manager said on Friday at a press conference that "each game won is a massive step towards winning the league".

Guardiola told reporters that against Osasuna "The League title is at stake. I know the Champions League is very glamorous but I have the impression that the League is vital at this time". He recalled that in previous seasons "after travelling to the Bernabeu we never had an advantage like this one". In this sense, Guardiola again recalled the value of winning the league title since "it’s what demonstrates more things than anything else".

Confident in the team’s reaction

After losing the Cup, the manager explained that the mood in the dressing room, "is better every day", and commented that the players "will react well because it’s their job, their responsibility". Guardiola, who pointed out that "in sport you lose more than you win" and said that "in the dressing room there are no regrets, we’ll come back strongly".

2011-04-22_ENTRENO_57.JPGCall for public support

Guardiola called for the fans support for the game against Osasuna and encouraged the Barça supporters to finish the day of Sant Jordi at the Camp Nou: "We have the League within our reach and if we are 8 points ahead of Madrid it’s because we have earned them". Although he acknowledged that "we are physically tired" after Wednesday's game "if people lend us a hand we’ll be even closer to winning it".

Playing style is not up for debate

As for the possible debate over whether the club has to rethink the style of play in some games, Guardiola said that "we shouldn’t rethink anything....I understand football like this and while I’m here we’ll carry on the same way. I can’t pass on something I don’t believe in" the manager said.

Although he didn’t want to talk about the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League in Madrid, Guardiola was adamant that his team will go to Madrid "to attack and score goals". He pointed out that in Valencia on Wednesday, "we played well in the Final. We were spectacular in the second half and extra time, and the first thing to do is congratulate Madrid not take anything away from ourselves”.

The danger of Mendilibar’s Osasuna

On Saturday José Luis Mendilibar’s Osasuna side visit the Camp Nou. Guardiola warned about the danger of teams coached by the former Valladolid manager, because he "gives something special to his teams". The Osasuna side previously trained by José Antonio Camacho, and now by Mendilibar " are an ambitious team with regard to the pressure they exert, and they come looking for you".

Puyol and Villa

Carles Puyol did some specific training on Friday and Guardiola commented that "we’ll wait and see how he is" to see if he’ll be able to play against Osasuna. The Manager acknowledged that the injury that kept him off the pitch for about 3 months is fine, but that the muscular discomfort "came back again while he was warming up".

As for David Villa, and his lack of goals in recent games, Guardiola commented that “he’s a fundamental player for us and his presence is not under dispute".

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