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Guardiola promises “We’ll recover”

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20.04.2011 23:59

Guardiola promises Barça will recover

Vanessa Forns

After congratulating Real Madrid on their wins, the Barça manager has said “life isn’t always about winning” and expressed his conviction that his team will bounce back from this in La Liga and the Champions League.

Guardiola promises Barça will recover

Josep Guardiola has promised that Barcelona will recover from their cup disappointment and will show that in their remaining La Liga and Champions League matches. “It is always nicer to win than to lose. Life isn’t always about winning. We’ll get over this, of course we will. These players have shown that many times”.

Part of the game

2011-04-20_PARTIDO_40.JPGGuardiola went on to admit that his payers “are logically sad because we didn’t win … but that’s all part of the game.” As far as the Barcelona manager is concerned, they now have to “analyse this defeat, and look at what we did well and what we didn’t do so well, and press on. There will be time to think, and we need to digest this properly. We have to lift ourselves up, because the season is nearly over”.

La Liga and the Champions League

FC Barcelona are still in the hunt for the league title, in which they are eighty points ahead of their immediate rival, Madrid, who they also meet in the Champions League next week. “Now we have to finish of the league and try to get through the semi finals of the Champions League. We have to be prepared mentally” he said.

Half each

Guardiola also had words of praise for both sets of fans and the cup champions “Madrid had a great first half, and we had a good second half, and also did well in extra time. Either side could have won it, and it ended up being them”.

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