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“Being normal isn’t a selling point"

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14.04.2011 11:04

Xavi: “Being normal isn’t a selling point –but it gets through to people”

Cristina Colllado

Speaking on the Barca TV programme ‘Estació Camp Nou’, Xavi Hernández believes Barça’s personality is based on the fact that “we are all just regular guys – people can see what we are like by the way we behave on the pitch”.

Xavi chooses a…
Restaurant: ‘Can Bon Dia’ in Matadepera
Countryside: Costa Brava
Best moment of the day: When I put my boots on to start training
Memory: Anything from my childhood at home –I was very happy
Trip: So many… Kenya really impressed me
Friend: I’ve got a lot, If I had to choose, I’d say ‘Justri’ - Albert Justribó
Dream: Continue to be happy in life
Song: ‘Losing my Religion’, by REM or ‘She's fresh’ by Kool & the Gang
During the interview, to be broadcast this Friday at 23.00, Xavi talks with a plain honesty about the fact that that he sees the squad as ”regular guys, very uncomplicated in the changing room, who love football and have a lot of respect for other people”. Xavi reckons that that is why the team have so often been applauded off the pitch at other grounds: “maybe being normal isn’t a great selling point –but it gets through to people”.

Not just football at La Masia

That style and way of behaving is something the Club tries to educate its young stars into from the time they start at the Club and Xavi, who spent 10 years in the academy system, stresses that it’s not just football that is taught at La Masia. “you feel so privileged to be playing for Barça. It’s as if your ego is satisfied by playing for Barca and you feel it from a very young age. It gets you used to winning and wherever you go you have to behave well. It’s not just a football school, it’s a school to teach you how to get through life. You are taught a lot of good values and many basic aspects of life. We want to win by playing good football, doing the right thing and respecting others with the simple human style we have”.

Success down to teammates

2011-03-11_XAVI_ESTACIO_09.JPGSince he was a youngster, Xavi has been marked down as a midfielder with a great vision of the game and that is one of the qualities that have taken him to become one of the world’s best midfield generals. However, he is quick to acknowledge the collective nature of success: “I depend so much on my teammates. My game depends so much on their movement to create space. The truth is that it is priceless to be able to play with these guys”.

One of Xavi’s defining moves is when he swivels and changes direction to protect the ball and he explains: “that’s just self protection –my first thought when I get the ball is not to lose it and since I don’t have a big physique I use those turns to protect the ball”. The squad call that movement “pelopina” - “my nickname is ‘Pelopo’”, he explains.

Messi award “footballing justice”

2011-01-10_TRIO_1443.JPGXavi’s quality was recognised in his nomination for the Ballon D’Or award this year, alongside his teammates Messi and Iniesta. What did he feel when Messi was proclaimed the winner? “that it was a fair result. I told him and I also said in public that he is the best player. I don’t know if he’s the best player in the history of the game, but right now, nobody comes near him. If we are choosing the best player in the world, that’s Messi. It’s footballing justice. On the pitch he’s amazing. He has a unique personality. It’s astonishing what he does, like the other day against Arsenal .it was so difficult and he does it so quickly –he’s incredible!

Xavi-Guardiola, two lovers of football

2011-03-11_XAVI_ESTACIO_07.JPGXavi is also full of praise for his ex-teammate and now manager Pep Guardiola, who shares his love of the game: “we live the life of the Club a lot and he is a fan like me. He’s a very observant person, he was a passer on the pitch, like me. I like to analyse the opposition and see where there is space to be found. I love talking tactics with him, he’s a great person, humble, hard working and really the best manager we’ve ever had here. He knows how to connect with you, how to communicate. He’s fantastic to lead a group, a real leader”.

Fan de Barça TV

Xavi’s passion for football means he hardly ever turns off from the game and he explains: “I’m glued to the television on Sunday watching the second division games and matches from other leagues. I don’t like to disconnect during the holidays either and I watch Barça TV a lot. I like to know what’s going on in football and around the Club –I watch you guys a lot!”

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