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Messi, with 47 goals, reaches his best figures

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10.04.2011 11:42

Messi again equals the record of 47 goals by Ronaldo

Roger Bogunyà

Against Almeria, Leo Messi equalled Ronaldo’s goal scoring record in one season. His 2 goals at the Camp Nou on Saturday helped him to 47 goals for the second consecutive season, with still over a month of competition to go.

Messi again equals the record of 47 goals by Ronaldo

On Tuesday, in the pre-match press conference, Messi declared that he was not "obsessed" with the record. Obsessed or not, Messi showed this Saturday that he lives for goals. In fact, he hadn’t scored since his 2 goals in the second leg of the Champions League quarter final knocked out Arsenal. So, he’s broken the little bad run and now has 47 goals this season (29 in the League, 7 in the Cup, 8 in the Champions League, and 3 in the Spanish Super Cup).

Last season he scored 47 goals

Thus, Leo Messi has equalled Ronaldo’s goal haul of the 1996/97 season, something he had already achieved last season. Now, he has a minimum of 9 games to become outright leader in the top goalscorers competition. Does anyone think he might not do it?

Top scorer battle

2011-02-05_FCB_-_ATLETICO_DE_MADRID_022.jpgJust next week in Madrid the league’s top two scorers will come face to face. Messi, with his 2 goals against Almeria, and Cristiano Ronaldo with his goal against Athletic Bilbao are tied with 29 goals each at the top of the leading scorers table.

Messi, who last season won the trophy as top scorer in the League, could take the title again, at the same time as Barça B player Jonathan Soriano might also take the trophy, but for the second division. The reserve team striker has already scored 23 goals and is top scorer in this division.

The following are all Leo Messi’s goals this season (2010/11).

Barça - Sevilla (4-0). Spanish Super Cup. 3 goals.
Racing-Barça (0-3). League. 1 goal.
Barça-Panathinaikos (5-1). Champions League. 2 goals.
Atletico Madrid-Barça (1-2). League. 1 goal.
Barça-Mallorca (1-1). League. 1 goal.
Copenhagen-Barça (2-0). Champions League. 2 goals.
Zaragoza-Barça (0-2). League. 2 goals.
Barça v Sevilla (5-0). League. 2 goals.
Copenhagen-Barça (1-1). Champions League. 1 goal.
Getafe-Barça (1-3). League. 1 goal.
Barça- Ceuta (5-1). Cup. 1 goal.
Barça-Villarreal (3-1). League. 2 goals.
Barça-Almeria (0-8). League. 3 goals.
Panathinaikos-Barça (0-3). Champions League. 1 goal.
Barça-Osasuna (0-3). League. 2 goals.
Barça-Real Sociedad (5-0). League. 2 goals.
Deportivo-Barça (0-4). League. 1 goal.
Barça-Betis (5-0). Cup. 3 goals.
Betis-Barça (3-1). Cup. 1 goal.
Barça-Racing (3-0). League. 1 goal.
Barça-Almeria (5-0). Cup. 2 goals.
Hercules-Barça (0-3). League. 2 goals.
Barça-Atletico Madrid (3-0). League. 3 goals.
Barça-Athletic Bilbao (2-1). League. 1 goal.
Mallorca-Barça (0-3). League. 1 goal.
Valencia-Barça (0-1). League. 1 goal.
Barça-Arsenal (3-1). Champions League. 2 goals.
Barça-Almeria (3-1). League. 2 goals.

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