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“It’s dangerous to be thinking about Madrid"

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07.04.2011 14:17

Maxwell: “It’s very dangerous to already be thinking about Madrid”

Roger Bogunyà

Brazilian Maxwell, who returned to action after being out injured for several weeks, admits that the team is on form at the moment. But he’d rather take each game as it comes, and therefore preferred not to talk about Madrid.

Maxwell: “It’s very dangerous to already be thinking about Madrid”

The 5-1 win against Shakhtar Donetsk means FCB are on good course in Europe, but Maxwell feels “it should be made clear that we haven’t won the tie yet. Nothing is guaranteed, but we have taken a huge step. The result means we can afford to be calm, but there’s a very difficult battle waiting for us in the Ukraine”. Maxwell added that “It’s very dangerous to already be thinking about Madrid. The fans are happy to win 5-1, but we shouldn’t get involved in those mind games. We have to respect Almeria and Shakhtar”.

Fundamental game with Almeria

Next up for FC Barcelona is struggling Almeria, on Saturday at the Camp Nou. “It is a fundamental game. Three points we can’t afford to miss. It is important to go to Madrid with an 8 point lead or more. Almeria have a new manager and I’m sure they’ll be motivated. We have to play our best.”

Important to get Puyol back

As we go into the final games of the season, Maxwell is looking forward to the return of Carles Puyol, who has been injured since January. “It would be very important to get him back. We need him. He’s our captain and his enthusiasm is contagious. It’s good to know he’ll soon be back working with us. He is a leader on the pitch, He’s fast and anticipates the opponents’ movements well. But we have enough players to cover for his absence”.

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