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29.11.2009 22:21

Best crowd of the season

Anna Segura

A total of 97.138 fans were at the Nou Camp for the game against Real Madrid on Sunday-La Liga's biggest crowd of the season so far.

It's been a big week at the Nou Camp, with 93.524 at the Inter game on Tuesday and a further 3,500 turning out on Sunday night to make it an average of 95,000 for the two games.

Right behind the team

_GPF6220.JPGThe Barca fans are always behind the team, but in big games like the Madrid one, the crowd are even more important as they cheer the team on. From the start of the game, through Valdes' great save and Ibra's goal the fans were loud in their support for the team. For 90 minutes the Nou Camp was party tonight.

More than at the Gamper

2009-11-29_PARTIDO_04.JPGThe biggest crowd at the Stadium this season had been the 94.123 who turned up for the Gamper Trophy game against Manchester City in August.
Images: Miguel Ruiz / Àlex Caparrós / Germán Parga
Images: Miguel Ruiz / Àlex Caparrós / Germán Parga

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