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03.11.2009 12:40

Relaxing in the hotel

Marc Guillén / Vanessa Forns

After the long trip to Kazan, the Barca players spent he morning relaxing in their hotel. Only a few backroom staff braved the bitter cold for a stroll round the city.

Although there was a chance to train at the Kazin facilities this morning, the decision was taken, especially given the delay in yesterday's flight, to just relax in the hotel and wait till this afternoon for training at the Centralniy stadium, whose heating should ensure a perfect surface for tomorrow's game despite the cold.

Free morning

1_ENV_RUSIA4.jpgThe team didn't get to the hotel till 23.00 last night and it was decided that the best way to acclimatise was to take the morning off. The squad were up late and had breakfast together at 10-30, after which they enjoyed the hotel facilities.

Cold and snowy

1_ENV_RUSIA3.jpgSome of the backroom staff opted to brave the elements and explore what is considered Russia's third city after Moscow and St Petersburg and they wer greeted by freezing temperatures and plenty of lying snow.
Relaxing in the hotel

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Busy afternoon
This afternoon will be a different story, with Guardiola and Messi attending the press at 15.15 before the pre match training, which begins at 16.00 in the 10,000 capacity Centralniy Stadium.

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