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01.10.2009 14:13

“We can’t drop points at the Camp Nou”

David Puig

Gerard Piqué knows it is important to beat Almeria and have a chance to be outright Liga leaders. The centre back is pleased with the team’s form and would like to see both Puyol and Márquez renew their contracts.

No points can be dropped at the Camp Nou. Almeria are the opposition on Saturday and Gerard Piqué, speaking after training today, said “beating Almeria is very important. We have to get every point from our home matches, and especially as we could become outright leaders depending on what Real Madrid do in Seville”. Piqué didn’t want to speak about that match, but wasn’t hiding the result he’d like. “A draw. Both teams would drop two points and we’d break away from them both, as long as we beat Almeria, which is most important”.

Ibrahimovic, Messi and the team on form

2009-10-01_ENTRENO_28.JPGPiqué knew a good start was essential to the season, and indeed “we started with a lot to do because we had two titles to play for. The team had a great preseason and won both Super Cups. And we’ve managed to hold our form until now. But there is a long season ahead and it will be hard to keep this up without a few slips along the way”.

There are two players he has been especially impressed with so far. “Ibrahimovic has closed a debate that should never have started. He is very different to Eto’o and has brought a lot of positive things. Messi, meanwhile, is like he was last season. He is a vital piece, the best player in the world and he deserves more than ever to win the Golden Boot.”

Puyol and Márquez

2009-10-01_ENTRENO_08.JPGGerard Piqué also said he hopes both Carles Puyol and Rafa Márquez renew their Barça contracts. “They both deserve to renew because of what they have done and the way they perform. Puyol, for example, had a great game against Dynamo Kiev and it is always a pleasure to watch Márquez play”.
Photos: Miguel Ruiz (FCB)
Photos: Miguel Ruiz (FCB)

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Ready to play in midfield
One of the options for replacing midfielders Keita and Touré when they go off to play in the African Nations Cup could be to advance Gerard Piqué. The defender pointed out that “when I was at Zaragoza I often played in midfield and the truth is I felt comfortable there, although I have always said my natural position is centre back. It’s a long time off but I have always said I’d play in any position the boss thinks I should”.

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