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26.09.2009 21:30

Henry and Chygrynskiy pick up knocks


Thierry Henry suffered a thigh strain in FC Barcelona’s victory against Málaga on Saturday evening and had to be replaced after 29 minutes by Zlatana Ibrahimovic while Dmytro Chygrynskiy injured his knee and went off after the break.

The French forward was racing forward in the 23rd minute on the counter-attack with Lionel Messi when he felt the muscle pinch and after trying to run it off signalled to the bench that he had to change. The club’s medical staff were keen to see him replaced to ensure the injury did not worsen.

Testing times

Henry has reported to the Barça doctor son Sunday morning to undergo a series of tests that will determine what happened.

Chygrynskiy off

Chygrynskiy went out for the second half, but son after the restart felt a twinge in his left knee and was replaced by Gerard Piqué in the 55th minute and he too has undergone tests on Sunday.
Henry and Chygrynskiy pick up knocks

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