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19.09.2009 23:59

Guardiola: “Our strength won us the game”

Anna Segura

After Saturday's 5-2 win over Atletico Madrid, Pep Guardiola insisted that the team: “weren't quite right yet”, but praised his players “effort” and “intensity” over the 90 minutes.

As a player, Guardiola knew what a game with Atletico Madrid meant and in his two years as coach he's no doubt had it confirmed that this fixture still has something special. “It was quite an odd game. It's just the way they play and we play, we both just go for it and take risks, that's what makes these games the way they are. It's fantastic for the fans, though maybe not quite so much for the managers!”.

Few complaints

2009-09-19_SEGUNDA_04.JPGGuardiola commented: “I've only got a few things to complain about”, claiming that despite the 5-2 win, “we didn't have the game completely under control. The players came out very fired up and maybe that meant we were a bit too rushed at times. That's something we need to work on a bit more. It was a bit end-to-end, particularly in the first half, but we were the stronger and more committed and that strength won us the game”.

Praise for front men's defending

Obviously the forwards attacking effectiveness was a cause for satisfaction, but Guardiola also praised their all round game: “all three forwards helped out a lot in defence too. The win was very much down to them. Their defensive efforts,particularly Henry and Ibra, were an immense help to us”.
Guardiola: “Our strength won us the game”
Josep Guardiola paid particular praise to Ibrahimovic: “he showed brilliant movement throughout, but the team didn't always find him. I said this would be a process of settling in that would take time, but with every game he's fitting in better with the rest of the team”.

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