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03.09.2009 13:17

"We’re not worried, we have a great squad"

David Puig

Pedro believes that Barça’s rising young stars will make a perfect supplement to the senior squad in the event of any adverse circumstances. The winger is pleased with his current form and is determined to take every chance Guardiola hands him.

Pedro Rodríguez is convinced the Barça reserve squad is ready to help the first team in whatever they might need. Although many pundits have suggested the senior squad lacks depth, Pedro is unconvinced: “I don’t think we lack depth in the squad. We have a great squad and also the manager has a lot of confidence in the reserves. We’re not worried. I think we’re ready to compete at the highest level and aspire to all the titles in play”.

The player of the moment

pedro_gol.jpgPedro has enjoyed a spectacular start to the campaign with decisive goals against Shakhtar in the European Super Cup and away to Bilbao in the Spanish Super Cup. He signed a senior squad contract a few weeks ago and Guardiola has used him in every match so far: “I’m not at all nervous about my situation and at the same time I’m very happy with what has happened to me in such a short space of time. Now I have to carry on training and take all the chances the manager gives me”.

"It’s difficult to alternate between the reserves and the first team"

2009-09-03_ENTRENO_27.jpgPedro approves of the practice of bring some young players into the first team as necessary but then sending them back to train with the reserves. Alternating between the two teams is complicated as he himself knows after training with the first team last season but then playing most of his matches with the reserves: “It was a difficult situation. Training with the first team with certain players but then playing with another team is a difficult situation to get used to, especially in such a different division as Second B. That’s why I think the manager didn’t want to do the same this season. The results weren’t what we would have hoped for”.
“We’re not worried, we have a great squad“

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The duel with Real Madrid
Pedro admitted that Real Madrid have a strong squad but he believes Barça have their destiny in their own hands: “Real Madrid have signed some great players and I’m sure they’ll win a lot of points this season but we have to focus on ourselves, take each match as it comes and win as many points as possible”.

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