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30.07.2009 11:34

Busquets: “In a couple of days we will have adapted”

David Saura (special correspondent)

As on every preseason tour, adapting to local time is one of the basic issues to sort out - the sooner the better. Busquets believes the players will need “a couple of days” to overcome the jet-lag.

Sergio Busquets, who rejoined the squad last Monday, spoke to the Catalan media after the first training session in Los Angeles. Coping with the 9-hour time difference was the main topic of discussion.

Accumulated tiredness

Referring to the never-ending day on Wednesday, the Catalan midfielder told us: “On the plane we ate according to US West Coast time and that worked really well. But we’re still not 100% as we’ve gone nearly a day and a half without sleeping”.

Sergio Busquets, who formed part of last season’s US tour, assured us: “In a couple of days we will have adapted. We’ll sleep better tonight”.

“Ibrahimovic is very excited”

2009-07-29_IBRAHIMOVIC_03.jpgThe arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic was also a hot topic at the press conference. According to Busquets: “Ibrahimovic is very excited and keen to begin training. We’re very happy to have him with us. I hope he does with us what he has done with other clubs”.
Busquets: “In a couple of days we will have adapted”

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Training at 4 in the morning
The team trained in Los Angeles when it was 4 am in Barcelona. They’d been up for a long time in order to leave Barcelona early which was why the session had been programmed when the players’ body clocks told them it was 4 am: “I’ve never trained at this time” he admitted with a smile.

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