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30.07.2009 20:19

‘Ibra’ to train in 3 or 4 day’s time

David Saura (enviat especial)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will start training with the squad in 3 or 4 days, once he has been cleared following an operation on his left hand.

The new Barça star will not be training under Pep Guardiola until they reach Seattle. Fitness coach Paco Seirul·lo has explained that the Swede will rest for “3 or 4 days to wait for the hand injury to solidify”. Zlatan broke the second metatarsal in his left hand, and is currently sidelined.

2009-07-29_IBRAHIMOVIC_01.jpgOnce the rest period is over, the Swedish international “will start doing exercises in which there is no risk of falling. He won’t play competitive football, but he will be able to train”.

But Seirul·lo does not think that this situation will cause a major setback, for “he has already done 9 days of training with Inter … he already has a head start”.

And he should recover very quickly. “The big talents nowadays make huge leaps in quality when they come into contact with competitive football and the routine of midweek training” he said. And when will he play his first match? “That is impossible to predict, especially as, unlike the other members of the squad, we don’t know how he works or what his recovery rate is like¡”.
‘Ibra’ to train in 3 or 4 day’s time
Less affected by jet-lag
Seirul·lo also observed that “he won’t be affected much by jet-lag because he was not in Europe for very long.” The fitness coach feels that any tiredness is likely to be for more physical reasons.

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