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27.07.2009 17:18

‘Ibra’ comes through medical tests


'Ibra' came through his medical ahead of officially signing for the club earlier today. FC Barcelona doctor Ricard Pruna confirmed that the medical team would be working to come up with a programme to help fix the hand the striker broke last week.

It was an intense morning for Ibrahimovic who was given tests and x-rays at the Hospital de Barcelona at 9.30 this morning before having further tests on his heart and muscles at the club’s own health centre in the Nou Camp.

Broken hand

2009-07-27_REVISION_IBRAHIMOVIC_04.jpgFollowing the tests, Dr Pruna explained: “we took a good look at his broken hand-it’s a break at the base of the second metacarpal on his left hand. We’ll have to try and fix it so he can get back to playing as soon as possible. We’ll get together this afternoon and decide what treatment we’ll be giving him”.

Ibrahimovic broke his hand in a friendly against Chelsea last week on Inter’s US Tour.

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