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26.07.2009 10:39

“I’m working to get back with the squad for the US trip”

Marc Guillén (enviat especial)

In an exclusive interview with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat Rafa Màrquez reveals that the attitude Guardiola is able to communicate to the squad iskey to their success.

- How’s the recovery from your injury coming along?

I’m feeling good, happy to be back. I’m still not with the rest of the squad, but we’re working to get me 100% for the trip to the States.

- What was it like at the end of last season to miss out on the big games? It must have really made you angry

2009-07-21_MARQUEZx_EMILI_03.jpgYes, it certainly did. I felt such impotence at not being able to play in those big games, but at the same time I felt really happy about the fact that my teammates were winning, I’m very grateful to them for that.

- Is that feeling going to be an added motivation for this season?

Yes, you never know when it might happen again. I hope I can stay with the squad all year this season.

- Were you surprised at how superior Barca were in the Champions League final?

The truth is we thought it would be tougher- I think the team were mentally prepared to go out and play a simple game and that’s what we did. We always had possession and the chances just came as a result of that.

- How’ve you enjoyed your summer holidays?

2009-07-22_MAXWELLx_HENRYx_MARQUEZ_01.jpgWell, I had to cut them short as I wanted to push my recovery along. I was three weeks at a centre in France where I really made progress and recovered muscle strength I’d lost – after that I was able to go off and enjoy my holidays with my family.

You went off to France of your own accord?

Yes, I really wanted to keep up my recovery programme and so I put off my holidays. If I hadn’t then maybe I’d still be behind in my recovery and further away from being able to train with the rest of the squad..

- How are the contract renewal negations going? Are you still hoping to be able to finish your career here at Barca?

I’d love to play here till I hang up my boots, I know we can reach an agreement, we just need some more time.

- There seems to be plenty of tension in the training sessions, is that what’s needed to repeat last year’s success?

Yes, that was key to us winning so much last year. Pep is very demanding in training and that’s got to be the way forward.

- There are a number of players who were in the team that went through the season after Paris – is that going to be a help?

Yes, I think so and with Pep we know that even though we’ve won plenty, he’s going to be pushing for more. I don’t think we’ll go through that period of relaxation that happened after Paris.
“I’m working to get back with the squad for the US trip”

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Touré, Keita, Henrique, Dos Santos…
- Touré and Keita will both be away for the African Nations Cup – do you see yourself fitting in in midfield?

I don’t know, that’s up to the boss. I just want to keep on playing, I don’t mind where.

- How do you think Henrique is adapting?

I think that just like any other player it’s not easy to fit in at first - the first few months at a new club are not easy, but I think he’s got the qualities needed to make a go of it.

- What do reckon to Messi coming back early from his holidays?

He’s a top player and the fact that he came back early just shows what a great person and footballer he is, He wants to be fit and ready for next season and it’s got to be good for us to have him in tip top condition.

- And how do you reckon your fellow Mexican Jonathan Dos Santos is settling in?

Well, I’m thrilled that he’s with us. He’s a quality player and it’s great to have another Mexican along.

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