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17.07.2009 17:54

Medical test complete


Maxwell has completed his medical examination prior to signing his contract with FC Barcelona. “He has strong muscles and all of the right structures in his right knee”, said Doctor Ricard Pruna.

He was referring to the knee for a reason, for Maxwell once injured it seriously. “It was a long examination. We have explored him in depth. Basically, we looked at the right knee that was operated on a few years ago”, explained Pruna.

Maintenance plan

2009-07-17_REVISION_MASWELL_10.jpgThere are special plans in place for the Brazilian: “What we will have to do, as we do with all operated knees, is develop a maintenance and muscle building programme, so that there won’t be problems in a season like the one to come, with so many games”.

“Very strong muscles”

But all told, Pruna was very impressed by Maxwell’s muscles, “especially his isquiotibials. In Italy they work on that a lot. As for the rest, I have to say he has some small muscular lesions in his abductors, but they haven’t led to anything major. In terms of muscles, he’s perfect”.
Medical test complete

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Two stage examination
Maxwell’s medical was divided into two parts. First, at the Camp Nou’s own medical centre, he was subjected to what are called anthropometric tests, which revealed that the player is 1.77 metres tall and weights 81 kilos. An echocardiogram and echography were also performed on what are considered the soft parts of the body, i.e. the muscles and tendons.

The second part was this afternoon at Hospital de Barcelona, after Maxwell was scheduled to sign his four-year contract with FC Barcelona.

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