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14.07.2009 11:39

Quirks of the fixture list

Marc Guillén

The new fixture list is generally very different to the one the year before. There will be no ‘Tourmalet’ featuring back-to-back games involving the biggest teams.

The 2008/09 fixture list was decidedly unusual, with all the big teams meeting each other in the same month. There will be nothing like that in 2009/10.

From Racing to Barça

fcb-almeria_x19x.jpgLast season, every team Barça played had just met Sevilla in their previous encounter. This year, Guardiola’s side will be facing sides that have just played Racing Santander. This means the teams will, at least in theory, be fresher, as they will not have faced such a demanding opponent in their previous outing.

And from Barça to Almeria

The famous Tourmalet last season meant that after playing Barça, teams then went on to tackle Real Madrid. This season the challenge is theoretically not as tough, for after Barça the next opposition for Liga teams will be Almeria.

No Tourmalet

It’s all-round a more balanced fixture list. Barça meet Atlético Madrid in game 3, Valencia in game 7, Madrid in game 12, Vila-Real in game 16 and finish with Sevilla in game 18.
Quirks of the fixture list
Tougher second half
The draw made by the RFEF has left Barça will what looks like its toughest set of matches in the second half of the season, because against the league’s biggest teams they will be travelling. The only exception is Valencia, for otherwise Guardiola’s charges will be on the road against Atlético Madrid, Vila-Real, Sevilla and Real Madrid. For Madrid, things will work the other way round. The first half of their season sees them travelling away to play the biggest clubs, but they enjoy home advantage in the run-in to the end of the competition.

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