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12.07.2009 12:53

Yuste calls for calm and faith in the team

Edgar Fornós / Vanessa Forns

The club’s vice-chairman for sport, Rafael Yuste, has sent out a message of reassurance to Barça fans and members about new signings. He also called for people to have faith in the first team squad.

At the charity triangular tournament played by ex-players from FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Milan on Saturday at the Palau Blaugrana, Rafael Yuste spoke to Barça TV and the club’s official website about Josep Guardiola’s team.

“We have the best team in the world”

The club’s vice-chairman for sport believes that Barça has “the best team in the world” though he admits there are some signs of concern among Barça fans about the summer’s transfer moves. As a result Yuste has called for calm: “I know everyone’s a little worried at this time of year about signings. I would ask people to stop worrying as we’re doing things calmly and we have full confidence in our team”.

Convinced about success

The club’s vice-chairman for sport also said that both club chairman Joan Laporta and the rest of the board are “convinced that the football first team squad will bring us a lot of success”.

Club focuses on itself

As for the reinforcements being brought in by other clubs such as Real Madrid, Yuste said that “here at Barça we only focus on ourselves. We are not at all worried and we have full confidence in what this team can do”.
Yuste calls for calm and faith in the team

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Importance of the fans
After winning an historic treble, the football first team are now facing a season full of challenges. As a result the vice-chairman appealed to the clubs fans to get behind the players: “I know that our players are motivated by our fans. They are really important people”.

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